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Communication is oxygen. Here’s how to connect with your coworkers.

Get to know other Automatticians

Automattic offers numerous ways to get to know your fellow Automatticians and what follows are just a few samplings of ways we encourage you to connect. Find what works for you:

  • Join #a8c-lifechat in Slack and get paired up with people automatically from across the company.
  • Join #watercooler in Slack, along with Autocooler P2, our virtual water coolers, the places where people talk about what they’re doing during the day, post interesting links, and ask various questions of the group.
  • Join #ideas in Slack to share ideas you might have and to see what ideas are on other people’s minds across the company. This is an excellent way to put your fresh perspective to great use!
  • Join #distributed-postcards in Slack to send and receive some lovely snail mail.
  • Join the #blogging channel to help build a writing habit and engage with the content fellow Automatticians are sharing there.
  • Join the People Lab Series sessions.
  • Join townhalls for various divisions and teams. You can subscribe to calendars as needed to stay up to date.
  • Check out the various community based channels in the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion page including everything from #queeromattic, #faith, #japanmatticians, #homeownermattic, and more.

For more tips/tricks, check out this p2 post.

What is Matticspace?

Matticspace is our staff directory. There’s contact information and other personal/interesting details about your fellow Automatticians. You’ll find individual preferences for travel, food, software and equipment, and more. You can also track which Automatticians you have connected with remotely or have met in real life with the Meetamattician page.

What is Metrimattic/MC?

Metrimattic/Mission Control is the brain of Automattic. Within MC you can find stats for almost everything: p2 lists, team information, etc. You can also find the Secret Store there – it holds passwords and login information for third-party websites like Twitter, Zoom and Browserstack. There is also a search feature called “Matt’s Global Search” (MGS) that allows you to search across P2s, docs, Matticspace, and more. To get started, learn to use MC like a pro.

Universe of P2s

P2s are, in many ways, the lifeblood of Automattic communication and Automattic community. P2s are private (A8C-only) blogs running the P2 theme, hence the name. There are P2s for each team as well as for meetups, special interests, certain projects, updates, and just goofing around.

  • To post to a P2, all you need to do is update your “status” at the top of the P2 in question. If you have been added to the P2 (Join the League!), you can start a new post from the frontend of the site. (You can also open the Dashboard and create a traditional blog post and use the regular post editor.) In either case, you can add HTML tags to your post if you wish.
  • Photos/videos in most cases should be added to the P2 media library and added to the post, rather than linked elsewhere. You can drag them into the post editor on the frontend to upload.
  • When tagging/cross-posting, take advantage of the Text Expander feature that will pop up to suggest usernames or P2s based on the first few letters you type.
  • Ping/mention someone in a P2 post/s: @username
  • Cross-post to another P2: +p2name
  • If you edit a post and add a mention or cross-post it will ping and cross-post.

But… there are so many P2s!

You can access a full list of P2s on MC and get a list of top posts for a time period using Swarm.

For more information on how to follow P2s (you have many options!) as well as view a list of recommended P2s for all Automatticians, please refer to the P2 Field Guide documentation.

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