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Home office

First time working remotely? Let’s get your home office set up just the way you want it! Check out some tips on finding ergonomic furniture and setting up your work space, whether it’s a closet, a corner of your bedroom, or a dedicated home office to rival the fanciest executive suite. You can also explore the world of standing desks (throwback to when those became a thing!) to learn about some of their health benefits.


Prefer to work in the company of other humanoids? We have options for coworking so you can see which might be a good fit for you.

Traveling offers a great opportunity to co-work with your colleagues. If you attend a WordCamp or meetup, check Matticspace to see if there’s a fellow Automattician nearby.


Time to talk tech! We’ll purchase a laptop for you, configured to your preferences, and you’re welcome to order your Automattic computer as soon as you’re hired, even if it’s before your start date. You can choose a MacBook Pro, MacBook, or Chromebook for your a8c laptop. We actively encourage the use of Mac or ChromeOS, and we support the use of Linux. If you would like to run Windows as your operating system or use a laptop not in the above list, please follow the instructions to seek approval. Please also follow the country-specific ordering guidelines for placing your order. For smaller items or accessories, you can buy them yourself and submit an expense report through Expensify for reimbursement.

Choosing the right system for your needs as an Automattician is important! You’ll be using your computer every day. Weigh the pros and cons of each setup and pick what you feel is best. Choose the configuration that allows you to work most effectively.

While everyone has setup preferences, and favorite pieces of software, others’ setups are always worth exploring. If there’s a piece of software you’ve been using that doesn’t quite cut it, ping your teammates or team lead to see what they use.

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