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Wrap yourself in WordPress

We want you to show your Automattic pride! Once you’ve reached your start date, all Automatticians have access to WordPress apparel and other swag in the Automattic swag store – everything in there is 100% free, including shipping. Be sure to take advantage of this great perk and opportunity to celebrate Automattic, WordPress and all our products by grabbing some apparel and accessories for personal use or for a friend/family member.

We recommend that the retail value of your items not exceed USD $250-300 each calendar year. To break that down, USD $250 gets you quite a bit: two hoodies, five t-shirts, and one of each of the following — tote bag, battery pack, phone case, and a onesie. Note: the retail value is the greyed out amount when you click into a product. There is a max quantity of 2 items per product (with the exception of stickers which are set to 10).

Orders: Instructions on how to access the store and register using your email address are available on the a8c swag store Field Guide page. Please remember that your access will be granted once you’ve hit your start date. If you’ve seen the notification welcoming you as an Automattician, you’re good!

Shipping: You will be able to arrange domestic and international shipments for free. Use the “Free Shipping” option when checking out.

During your first month with us, you will also receive a special delivery in the mail full of lots of cool goodies. It’s a welcome surprise to show you how happy we are that you have joined us. This will be mailed to your address in Matticspace so please make sure that is up to date. For those a12s outside of the U.S you should not have to pay any customs charges as it will be sent as a gift, but we have run into a few instances of this. If this is the case please feel free to pay the customs charges and then put through a reimbursement claim via Expensify.

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