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Happiness Engineers (HEs) support our customers, and they’ll support you as you get oriented at Automattic!

Support rotations

Every new Automattician goes through an onboarding period. For most Automatticians, onboarding begins with a two-week support rotation. VIP hires complete a two-week onboarding training.

During your support rotation, you’ll be reading and responding to our users’ requests for support. It’s a great way to learn about our core products and get to know Automatticians from around the company.

“But… but… I’m not a Happiness Engineer! I’m totally new to customer support. Why are you making me do this?”

We understand that you might be nervous about this. Your support rotation is an essential part of the Automattic experience. It brings you close to our users and gives you a taste of their needs and frustrations. It reinforces the importance of getting to know our users, because they are why we’re here — to make the web a better place. 


To prepare you for a successful support rotation, you’ll complete a training curriculum (shared on your first day) that includes self-paced lessons and social support from Happiness Engineers. Through training, you’ll learn where and how we support our users. You’ll be part of a support rotation cohort (with fellow Automatticians doing their support rotation), guided by Happiness Engineers. 

For VIP Hires, all support is done via Zendesk (no live chat). Go over the VIP Onboarding FG pages to learn more about Onboarding VIP.

Worried about making mistakes? Don’t be. We all make mistakes (especially when working in an area that’s totally new to us), and those can be powerful learning moments. Embrace these early mistakes.

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