Employee Resource Groups

To support, deepen, and expand Automattic’s Diversity and Inclusion efforts, various Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) have come to life thanks to efforts from passionate Automatticians. An ERG is a group of Automatticians that identify with each other through a shared characteristic or life experience — examples include (but are certainly not limited to) race, gender, age, sexual orientation, parenthood, and veteran status. ERGs are communities where colleagues connect with and support each other and work together toward common goals.

Here’s a snapshot of all existing ERGs.


Members of Automattic’s LGBTQ+ community launched this ERG in 2019 to empower community members within and beyond Automattic by creating and promoting resources, opportunities, and sponsorships.


Members of Automattic’s Black community launched this ERG in 2020 to create a community for Automatticians who are of Black African descent. We strive to learn, teach, and empower each other through sharing our experiences, creating networking opportunities, and helping to increase the presence of Black-centered and led innovations at Automattic.


Automatticians dedicated to and passionate about environmental sustainability launched this ERG in 2020 with a mission to serve as the voice of the living planet at Automattic. Focuses include: measurement and reporting of our environmental footprint, advocating for company-level climate action, educating employees about sustainability, and raising awareness of the impact of our business decisions beyond our direct activities.


Members of Automattic’s neurodivergent community launched this ERG in 2020  to support neurodivergent Automatticians, serve as a resource for Automattic at large, and promote the principles of neurodiversity.