Professional Development

Culture of learning

”I will never stop learning” is the first line of The Automattic Creed

The first and most important line of the creed means that you’re never finished. There is always more to learn. Your list of unread books is always going to be longer than the ones you’ve read.

The Automattic Creed

When it comes to professional development at Automattic, we believe there’s no such thing as the status quo. You are encouraged to craft a journey that is unique to your goals, values, and skills. And to support you, we offer competitive professional development benefits.

Choose your own adventure

The learning ecosystem at Automattic is rich and diverse—from workshops, conferences and books, to coaching, courses, and communities of practice and learning with peers. Engaging with these opportunities is self-driven and entirely optional, meaning we trust you to pursue development on your own terms. 

As an Automattician, you can:

  • Work 1:1 with a professional coach to help you set and achieve professional goals. We also have coaches specialized in neurodivergence, public speaking, and writing. 
  • Join a workshop series working with a small group of peers to build confidence in areas such as leadership, facilitation, and feedback.
  • Attend a stand-alone training to build alignment around your best ideas in areas including strategic thinking, adaptivity and resilience, and improving your on-camera presence. 
  • Request a tailored workshop for your team or a project, to learn together and strengthen your collective ability to ship and deliver. 
  • Move through self-guided offerings with subscriptions to learning platforms to help deepen your skills in programming, design, and project management, to name a few. 
  • Rotate into another team or different role for 3-12 months to diversify your skills, build cross-functional partnerships, and learn about our products, divisions and teams. 

Still hungry to learn more? You can also expense any hardware, software, or books that promote continued learning!

Opportunity to grow 

By engaging in professional development opportunities, Automatticians are achieving impactful outcomes for themselves, their teams, and Automattic. 

Some highlights from our programs include:

26% of Automatticians are working directly with a professional coach to achieve their professional goals.

We have seen an average 21% self-reported increase in confidence growth when Automatticians engage in our internal workshops.

27% of Automatticians have participated in opt-in workshops and peer group coaching programs.

10% of the company have completed an online certification in project management, digital marketing & e-commerce, UX design, data analytics, or IT support.

Getting hired at Automattic is just the first step in your journey. Join our unique culture of learning and choose your own adventure of where you want to grow. Come work with us