Buying and selling Automattic stock

Automattic runs a unique program for buying and selling Automattic stock that is only available to Automatticians. This program gives you the opportunity to own shares in Automattic and share in the growth of our company.  Here is a little more information on how it works:

What kind of stock is this? 

We created a special class of stock, called A12 shares, that only Automatticians can buy. The main feature of the stock is the opportunity to buy and sell shares through regular windows, run by Automattic.

What are the terms of A12 stock? 

The ability to buy and sell shares on a regular schedule is a key feature of the plan. You can sell A12 shares that you own in any of the regular windows, after you have held the shares for one year, or more. Additionally, the A12 shares do not expire (like stock options) and if you leave Automattic, you can still hold on to your shares and sell them in any of the regularly scheduled selling periods. 

Because the program is a special benefit for Automatticians, the shares are not transferable outside of Automattic. In other words – you cannot sell them to anyone, except a sale back to Automattic as part of our regularly scheduled sale windows. The shares also do not vote, or get listed or automatically cashed out in the event of a sale or IPO of Automattic. In these situations, by default, the A12 stock plan would just continue on as-is. 

How do I buy and sell A12 stock? 

You can buy and sell A12 shares using a special buying/selling portal that we operate within Automattic. In terms of limits: for purchasing, you can purchase as little as one share, and for selling, you may sell up to all of the shares that you own.

Once you own shares, we have an internal portal that helps you keep track of the number of shares you own and their current price.

When can I buy or sell A12 stock?

We plan to open buying windows twice yearly, and selling windows quarterly, but certain outside events mean we might need to delay or cancel a buying or selling window (e.g., acquiring another company or raising another round of venture financing).

You will have an opportunity to sell any A12 shares that you own after you’ve held them for at least one year. 

How are the A12 shares priced? 

Since Automattic isn’t a publicly traded company, we don’t have a real-time price set on our stock. The price for each purchase and sale window is set by an independent, third-party valuation, done by a team of outside accountants. The accountants’ calculations consider numerous factors, including Automattic’s financial position, business performance, growth, broader market trends, and external financing rounds.