WordPress Plugins

Since its public launch in 2006, we have enhanced with a number of add-on services to make blogging better, safer, and more fun. Many of these services are also available to self-hosted WordPress users via a series of WordPress plugins:

Jetpack — Jetpack brings the best of to your self-hosted WordPress site. Out of the box you get state-of-the-art security and protection features, up-time monitoring, site stats, a free global CDN that optimizes and speeds up your images, and various traffic tools like Related Posts and Publicize. Jetpack is free.

Akismet — Spammers can take the fun out of blogging by polluting the comments on your WordPress site. Akismet blocks 99.9% of spam from reaching your blog. Turn Akismet on and it constantly learns and updates itself to automatically protect your site. Free and paid options available.

VaultPress — You invest a lot of time and energy into setting up your WordPress site and creating content for it. VaultPress protects your site with security monitoring and real-time backups of your writings, photos, videos, and your entire WordPress environment including your themes, plugins, comments, settings, and more. VaultPress is a paid service.

CrowdsignalPolls, ratings, and surveys are a great way to engage the visitors on your site. Our Crowdsignal plugin makes it easy to create polls right from your WordPress dashboard and integrate them into your site. Crowdsignal offers unlimited, free polls and ratings, and free and paid options for surveys.

For even more of our WordPress plugins, please take a look at our profile.