How to Register Your Interest in Automattic

If you’re thinking about showing your interest in Automattic or improving your odds of landing an interview, we’re here to remove some of the mystery behind what it takes to become an Automattician. 

Keep reading for three tips (straight from Automattic’s Talent team!) that will help you craft a more compelling interest form submission.  

#1 – Fill in all the fields in the interest form. 

Make sure to fill in all the fields in the interest form of your choice. Our Talent Team will carefully review your information and make decisions based on what you share.

#2 – Tell your story. And make sure it is a story!

Many applicants list their skills, but few list their achievements—including learning experiences—and those are what we want to see!

Think about your responsibilities in your current or previous role. Now, consider how you added value doing those same (or similar!) things for your previous or current employer. What did you achieve? How did it help the business? Did you lead an effort for a major project? Improve a process? Win an industry award?

We love numbers, so be sure to share any specific metrics that highlight your success! And don’t be afraid to share mistakes that you turned into learning experiences and growth opportunities.

#3  – Tell us what‘s important to you in your next career opportunity.

Our interest form will ask you to answer additional questions. These questions are intended to help us understand your thought processes and your motivation for working with us.

We enjoy reading through responses that truly highlight your successes, strengths, and aspirations.