About Us

Barry Abrahamson Barry Abrahamson Systems Wrangler

Blog: Barry on WordPress
Barry was born and raised on the banks of the Riverwalk in San Antonio, Texas. During the day, he makes sure the servers are zipping along while trying not to get too much BBQ sauce on his keyboard and at night… ok, well, he’s doing the same :) When he’s not on AIM, ICQ, Jabber, IRC, or reading about the latest and greatest in MySQL optimization, Barry enjoys traveling and playing a little lacrosse.

Jamil Abreu Brainstormer-in-Residence

Jamil joined the Akismet team after living in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic doing some cool stuff with Major League Baseball. While in college he helped start an awesome conference for Dominican-American college students ( and has been known to dabble in DJing, poetry, poker, philosophy, and web development. When not brainstorming ways to engineer happiness, his heart is in being a “connector” and figuring out new ways to poke a hole in the universe.

Michael Adams Quantum Bug Creator

Blog: Blogwaffe
After escaping Moscow (Idaho), Mike has been hiding in academia for 20 or so years. We stole him from a PhD in Quantum Information at Caltech to join the real world, or as close as we get to the real world around here. In between carnitas tacos, because apparently there is no good BBQ in Southern California, Mike hacks on bbPress and the javascripty bits of WordPress.

Shaun Andrews Designer

Blog: Where am I…
Shaun never knew what he wanted to do. Like George Costanza, he always wanted to pretend to be an Architect. Somewhere along the way, he managed to score a B.S. in Engineering, minoring in math and physics. That degree quickly fell by the wayside, as his heart pushed him toward design. That was nearly 10 years ago. These days, Shaun can be found obsessing over details while tilting his head like a confused dog. He dribbbles way to much, and tweets continuously.

Mikey Arce Happiness Engineer

Born in the highest city in the world, La Paz, Bolivia, Mikey now makes his home in beautiful Vernon, British Columbia. When he’s not busy engineering happiness on, he can be found helping his wife with their hobby farm, learning a new instrument, playing tennis, or birding in his backyard.

Richard Archambault Happiness Rocketeer


A proud Montrealer, Richard grew up speaking French and English, and he later learned Spanish after several trips to Latin America, including a semester in Mexico City where he met his wife and the mother of his two boys. With a degree in Linguistics under his belt, he almost began a career in translation before he fell in love with the Web’s most popular languages, HTML and CSS. Well-known for being a WordPress keener, he gets to spread joy as a Happiness Engineer for Automattic.

Michael Arestad Sass-Kicker

Michael was born in Texas and raised in Colorado. He lives in sunny downtown Denver. When he’s not moving pixels around on an array of screens, Michael is either making CSS do backflips, skiing, enjoying scifi, or playing pinball in one of the arcades. Say hello on twitter!

Mark Armstrong Editorial Team

Mark joined the Automattic family by way of Longreads, a service he founded in 2009. He’s now on the Editorial team, helping work on new ways to find, share and create outstanding content. Mark spent 11 years in New York before returning to his California roots in 2012.

Karen Arnold Happiness Organizer

Blog: Karen’s Blog
Karen Arnold (pronounced Car-en) and her husband, 4 children, 4 cats, and approximately 10 chickens, live in sunny Albuquerque, New Mexico. When she isn’t engineering happiness at, she helps her husband homeschool their energetic kiddos, tries to blog regularly, and brainstorms ways to meet every WordPress user in New Mexico.

Joen Asmussen Design Wrangler

Blog: Noscope
Working out of Denmark, Joen loves good design and good usability, and strives for both. When he’s not wrangling design, he’s really into Sweden, science fiction books and Sonic Youth. He also does posters once in a while, just for fun.

Marjorie Asturias Happiness Engineer

Blog: My Life on Automattic

Marjorie’s friends and family still can’t believe she landed her dream job, let alone a job that has the word Engineer in the title. She’s lived and worked in too many places to count but now calls Dallas home. When she’s not engineering happiness for users, she volunteers for a local animal rescue group, rescues and fosters the occasional stray or shelter dog, hangs out with her husband and their dogs, adds one more page to her never-ending war novel, and reads. A lot. Girl can’t stop reading to save her life. She also hangs out on Twitter a lot, but don’t hold that against her.

Marco Aurélio Code Wrangler

Blog: Marco’s Blog

After graduating in 2012 as a Computer Engineer at CEFET-MG, Marco joined the team that eventually built Cloudup, now part of Automattic. He’s currently based on his hometown of Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais state, in the southeast of Brazil. On his free time, Marco enjoys watching Japanese animation, playing classic and indie video games and reading about science and technology.

Nikolay Bachiyski Nikolay Bachiyski Meta Engineer

Blogs:, Аз, света и сметачите
Younger than even Matt, Nikolay is blogging from small but beautiful Bulgaria. He makes sure the eskimo teens can blog in their native language. When not in front of the computer, Nikolay is either in Sofia University, torturing freshmen, or wandering around Bulgaria. Being like House, M.D. is his secret dream, although quite unattainable, having in mind his lovable nature.

Andrea Badgley Happiness Engineer

Blogs: Butterfly Mind, Andrea Reads America

Andrea grew up on the coast of Georgia, met her future husband in the Florida Keys, and now lives with him and their two children in the Appalachian mountains of Virginia. She has a BS in ecology and has spent time wintering in Maine and Minnesota, racing bicycles and triathlons, extracting beetle DNA, tending butterfly gardens, and reading lots and lots of fiction. She writes. She hikes. She engineers joy. If she had her ‘druthers, she’d spend her days laughing and eating pastries.

Hugo Baeta Rainbow Wrangler

Blog: Just Hugo
Born and raised in sunny Lisbon, Portugal, Hugo has been a WordPress fanboy ever since he started using it. Some people in the Portuguese web scene call him the “WordPress guy” and he even has a couple of tattoos to prove his dedication! At Automattic he works on making things look good and more social on

Siobhan Bamber Happiness Engineer

Siobhan engineers happiness as part of the store crew. She’s a great believer in the power of Free and Open Source Software and contributes back to the project where she can. Outside of the web, she loves travelling, writing, and spending time with her family in the beautiful town of Barry, Wales.

Rick Banister Designer

Rick designs and builds things in Philadelphia. He is an interface designer helping to make the lives of Happiness Engineers happier. He enjoys rock climbing, learning to surf, and woodworking. He doesn’t particularly enjoy writing about himself in the third person.

Jerry Bates Happiness Engineer


Jerry is a classically trained photographer living in the heart of Silicon Valley. A self-taught coder and designer, he picked up WordPress one day in 2007 while looking for an easy way to create an online portfolio, and has never left.   As a Happiness Engineer he works hard to help make WordPress fun, trouble-free, and well happy! In his off time he is a “serial-hobbyist” who enjoys breaking things so he can put them together again.

Deborah Beckett Happiness Engineer

Deborah Beckett lives with her husband and two kids in the Research Triangle region of North Carolina. She earned a degree in Journalism, specializing in Multimedia & Web Design, from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. She has been building web sites and training users for over 15 years. When not engineering happiness, she enjoys running, travel, and spending time with her family.

Paolo Belcastro Shopherd

Blogs: Paolo Belcastro, Chic & Geek
As a true European nomad, and after Italy, France, and Switzerland, Paolo currently lives in Vienna, Austria, from where he leads the Store Division. When not thinking about WordPress, he is usually absorbed by his other passion, photography.

Jorge Bernal Mobile Engineer

Blog: Jorge Bernal
Jorge is the first Automattician in Spain, and works on the mobile team making WordPress for iOS awesome. He is a WordPress user since before it was WordPress, and a big fan of everything Apple. Loves photography, good wine and discovering new cities.

Spencer Berry Happiness Engineer


Spencer is a California native living on the East Coast.  He has spent more hours playing with toys than most kids, including a seven year stint as a Professional Yoyo Demonstrator for Duncan Toys.  He has a love for cinema and filmmaking, mostly drawn to absurdly well crafted epics that leave the mind bubbling for weeks after a viewing, like There Will Be Blood or The Fountain.  His mustache is here to stay.

Josh Betz VIP Axe Sharpener

After graduating from the University of Wisconsin in 2013, Josh joined Automattic to help wrangle code for VIP. When he isn’t making stuff awesome, he is probably running a race or cheering for the Badgers.

Maxime Biais Mobile Developer

Maxime is a software engineer living in Paris, France. He loves to code for mobile devices, iOS and Android, phone and tablet. Maxime likes to sail, but only with a perfect weather, his friends and some fresh beers in the hold.

Sheri Bigelow Sheri Bigelow Creativity Cultivator

Blogs: Design Simply, Cuteness

Sheri can usually be found experimenting with CSS, speaking at WordCamps, skiing the Rockies, or exploring the Adirondacks.

Eric Binnion Code Wrangler

Blog: Man of Hustle
Eric hails from the great state of Texas. Early on, Eric pursued the medical field, but soon found his way to Computer Science and programming where he is most happy.

When not wrangling code, Eric is finishing up his last few classes for college or spending time with his family.

Andrea Lee Bishop Happiness Engineer

Andrea (pronounced Ahhhn-dreee-ahhh) enjoys playing the piano, singing, skiing, traveling, and drinking a good Dirty Vanilla Chai. After graduating with degrees in Applied Mathematics and German, she worked for a software company for 11 years doing web design, software education, and technical documentation. Now she engineers happiness for Automattic and puts all those skills to work.

Alx Block Happiness Engineer

It’s not clear whether the ‘e’ was left out of his name on purpose, if it’s a persistent typo, or just an autocorrect fail. Alx hails from the City of Brotherly Love, where he lives with his awesome wife and two awesome kids. His background is in book publishing sales and marketing and he has a degree in Spanish language, literature, and linguistics (which is clearly the most useful degree for engineering happiness.) While not attached to a screen, Alx enjoys telling bad jokes and teaching magic tricks to his kids.

Chris Blower JavaScript Wrangler

Chris fell in love with coding at a very young age, and has always wanted to make the world a better place, through software.
When not getting frustrated by ridiculously complicated origami, or dissolving his stomach with super hot Thai chili-beef – you can find him travelling, sipping on a nice glass of wine and munching on some good food.
Originally from Liverpool, UK – Chris is now adapting to life in foggy London Town.

Steve Blythe

Blogs: |

Born in Switzerland, but very much Scottish, (Clicky) Steve lives in the glorious City of Glasgow, in Scotland. After wasting his youth on Usenet and scripting IRC actions, he took to giving technical support to an independent tech company, before slowly sliding into the muddy realms of digital marketing. Somehow, he managed to collect a degree in Law from the University of Glasgow along the way, and is now studying for an LLM Masters in Internet Law & Policy. When not havering on about digital rights, he’s probably to be found making music on modified Gameboys, messing about with film photographs, or waking up in strange places.

Stéphane Boisvert VIP Ninja

Born and raised in rural Canada Stéphane has always had a passion for technology and it’s ability to impact change. Stéphane is a passionate advocate for Net Neutrality, Open-Data and Open Governement as well as Mental Health issues. He also loves to garden, especially vegetables.

Meredith Bordoni People Scientist

Blog: Stupid Matters
Meredith joined the fantastic Cloudup team straight out of preschool (teaching, that is). She hails from a small, hippie town in Northern California, did a stint at Stanford University, and spent 2 years with TFA in Chicago before jumping into the startup world. Now that Cloudup is part of the Automattic family, she spends her time basking in the glorious SF headquarters and working on happiness, product and customer development for the Cloudup team.

Ryan Boren Tink Tinker Tinkerer

Ryan writes code, fixes bugs, and wrangles his toddlers.

Jan Cavan Boulas UI Designer

Jan is a designer based in sunny Southern California. When not helping make the Web a better place, she can be found taking off on an impulse adventure, experimenting in the kitchen or playing badminton.

Jeff Bowen Data Wrangler

Blog: Get 2 See
Jeff is a strategic electron lasso artist; a digital plumber; a keyboard cowboy. When he’s not solving data-intensive problems with code, Jeff enjoys live music, seeing the world, brewing beer, hiking, and SCUBA / freediving.

Joe Boydston Mileage Wrangler


An advocate for open source, an evangelist of Journalism and a dreamer of exciting futures for both. Joe engineers happiness from the Sierra Nevada mountains in California.

Nick Bradbury Mobile Wrangler


After a brief, unprofitable stint as a professional cartoonist, Nick fell into the world of software development and went on to create HomeSite, TopStyle & FeedDemon for Windows. Then out of the blue he gave up Windows and started developing Android apps on a Mac. Nick resides in Knoxville, TN, and shares his life with a great wife, two unique kids, a couple of overly-energetic dogs, and a frog that will not die.

Greg Ichneumon Brown Data Wrangler

If data is a hammer and problems are nails, Greg is a carpenter. He constructs new applications using the statistics of written language. When not coding he prefers to be out hiking in the mountains of Colorado.

Anthony Bubel Anthony Bubel Business Engineer

Blog: Sunsets & Pancakes
Hailing from the mean streets of suburban Philadelphia, Anthony proudly put on an Automattic hat just a few days shy of his graduation from Temple University. As expected, he takes the topic of cheesesteaks a little too seriously and hates traveling to places where “Wawa” is just another funny word.

Matt Bumgardner Mobile Wrangler

Matt was born, raised, and currently lives in Wisconsin with his family and a bunch of cows. Well, maybe not the cows bit, but everything else is true. He currently hacks on iOS and Android apps for Automattic.

Jon Burke Ads Lead

Blog: alarm:clock

Jon manages the advertising programs for Automattic and He lives just North of the Golden Gate Bridge with his wife and 2 kids.

Peter Butler Code Wrangler

After getting a harsh dose of reality from a factory job early in his adult life, Peter decided to figure out how to make tinkering on computers pay the bills.   Hailing from sunny Colorado, you’ll find him heading up I-70 to ski whenever possible, or spending time with his wife and kids.  At Automattic, he spends his time making code do as it should.

Michael Cain Theme Generator

Blog: Map & Menu
A misplaced North Carolinian in the original Portland (Maine, that is), Michael moved to New England after graduating from the University of North Carolina. Taking his girlfriend and dog with him, they ventured north to chase some adventure, eat some good food, and drink some great beer. When he’s not pushing pixels for the Theme Team, he’s doing just that, with maybe some kayaking and hiking thrown in.

Spencer Cameron-Morin Codespanker

Born and raised in the Mitten, Spencer is no stranger to the cold. He first began programming at an early age around fireplaces and hot chocolate. After writing C/C++ for military applications and feeling very cool about it, the interwebs caught his eye. These days you can find him still pressing buttons for a living as a VIP Wrangler from a cozy historic town in Alabama.

Donncha Ó Caoimh Donncha Ó Caoimh Code Wrangler

Blogs: Holy Shmoly!, In Photos, Donncha’s Blog
Donncha hails from Cork City, Ireland and is currently living in the picturesque Blarney village with his family, one dog and two cats. He’s a slightly obsessive photographer, dragging around a camera everywhere and posting photos to He loves getting out and about whenever he can and enjoys relaxing walks by the sea.

Ruairi Carroll Lord of the Pings

Blogs: WordPress Network Engineering

Ruairi is originally from Ireland, however tends to travel about quite frequently. He is almost only interested in Network Engineering, and obsesses about scale and efficiency. He’s also been known to run distances better travelled in a car.

Davide ‘Folletto’ Casali UX Redirector

Blog: Intense Minimalism
Davide is a experience designer and mentor with a hybrid background in design, psychology and technology. He has a passion for designing  products that are able to change for better the quality of life of the people. He believes that “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”, as Leonardo DaVinci reportedly said.
He co-founded Good 50×70, an international social communication project and Baker Framework, a platform to publish HTML5 books and magazines on iOS.

Fred Cheng

Fred works on Simperium, Simplenote, WordPress, and is still trying to win his first game in a company of pong bullies. He currently calls San Francisco home.

Mel Choyce Pixel Smith

Blog: Choyce

A New England native, Mel started making websites as a kid. She started designing sites professionally for local web firms when she was a college student in Western MA. Once exposed, it didn’t take her long to fall in love with WordPress and its community. Now living in Boston with her partner and their two cats, Mel designs user interfaces for Automattic. She loves cold brewed coffee, craft beer, and pixels.

Velda Christensen Disposition Logician

Blog: Legend of Velda
An artist raised by geeks in the beautiful Utah mountains, Velda has been using computers as a canvas for digital expression for as long as she can remember. She loves to help others do the same. With her ridiculously long list of interests and activities, it’s best to simply say that Velda is a huge fan of the universe and the people in it. She especially loves being a mom.

Irwin Ko Chua Happiness Engineer

Irwin currently lives in Penang, the Street Food Capital of Malaysia, but is originally from the Philippines. He’s worked over 12 years in the IT industry from the ground up. What he loves the best is figuring things out with his child-like curiousity (when it’s on anyway). He loves to see how things tick from cars, to construction, to people, to being productive and effective. The world is a vast system of cause and effect. Irwin has been using WordPress in 2008 during the Internet Marketing boom. In his spare time, Irwin can be found reading cyberpunk, scifi, how-to’s, bios. He can also be found tinkering with his car to make it more fuel efficient (not more powerful, mind you), among other things. He’s also thinking up ways to make his house more survivable in the event of an apocalypse.

Paul Ciano Happiness Engineer

Sites: paulciano.orgTechEdified

Blogger, IT Consultant, and lover of all things tech. Paul seeks to provide an outlet for everyday people to better utilize technology to improve the quality of their lives. Read more about Paul or connect with him on Google+, LinkedIn, and Twitter.

David Cole Happiness Engineer

David was once a member of the Justice League of America, fighting crime alongside some of the mightiest superheroes of our time. Then his parents turned off the TV and told him to go outside and play. From then on, he trained daily in the fine arts of basketball, breaking and fixing computers, building websites, and video game completion. Somehow that turned into an Advertising degree from the University of Texas at Austin, and a leadership position at a local marketing firm. By day, he strives to leave every user happier than he found them. By night, he straps on his cape and assumes the role of Familyman, the devoted husband of a lovely lady, and the father of a rambunctious tot.

Brian Colinger Code Wrangler

Brian lived in San Jose, CA for 3.5 years then hightailed it back home to Arkansas after joining Automattic. He works on various WordPress importers and is a VaultPress Safekeeper among other things.

Rebecca Collins Events Manager

A lover of all things craft and music, Rebecca is an American expat living in the land down under. She now calls the lovely Adelaide, South Australia home, despite its void of a couple of life’s essential luxuries – Mexican food and late night shopping. A combined passion for the web, technology and marketing led her to join the Premium Services team at Automattic.

Robert Collins Bit Forger

Robert is a developer living in Seattle. He likes to make useful things using the best methods possible wether it’s Javascript, Objective-C or Java.

He enjoys sailing dinghies on Lake Washington and hopes to someday rebuild a motorcycle. However most of his free time is spent adventuring with his wife and three little boys.

Kevin Conboy Designerd

Kevin Conboy likes to hit internet beehives with tweets.

Alexander Concha Code Wrangler

Blog: Buayacorp
The first time he saw a computer was around Nov 99. He was told that Y2K was the end of computers. He naively believed, but thought it’d be fun to study CS. He started using WordPress in 2004, which introduced him to the open source. He tried to collaborate, but he was still a cowboy coder. To improve, he decided to pursue his studies in a new country, with a new language and with a different culture. He is still learning thanks to the awesome people working at Automattic.
When not in front of the computer, he enjoys reading, traveling, hiking or cooking.

Gregory Cornelius Code Wrangler

Blog: bit swapping
Prior to venturing to the East Coast (Boston, MA) where he lives with his wife Ashley, Gregory spent 10 years pursuing various music degrees at schools in Missouri, Ohio, and Texas. Somewhere along the way he realized that he was a halfway decent programmer and that helping folks share their ideas via WordPress was invigorating. When not tinkering on the web, Gregory composes modern “classical” music, produces concerts with Amp New Music, and pursues the perfect cup of coffee.

Ryan Cowles Happiness Engineer

Blog: Ryan IRL, Ryan on WordPress
Ryan was born and raised on the East Coast of the United States. In 2010 he and his girlfriend fiancée, a Southern California native, made the move to the Los Angeles area. Before coming onboard with Automattic, Ryan worked with several creative studios, helping them build things with WordPress. When he isn’t basking in the light from a computer monitor he enjoys the outdoors, hiking, traveling, punk rock, old school hip hop, and photography.

Bonus fact: Cowles sounds like “coals.”

Timmy Crawford Code Wrangler

Right now, in the middle of Oregon, in the outdoor mecca of Bend – Timmy is likely shredding the gnar, wrangling the codes, throwing hooks covered in feathers and thread at trout, chasing around his daughters, running with his bearded dog, or sharing a rare moment of peace with his lovely wife.  All the while he is thrilled to be a code wrangler on the Data Team.

Mike Dang Story Wrangler

Once, when Mike was 9, he dressed up in a homemade California Raisin costume and got chased out of his elementary school by mean, terrible children. When he was 20, Mike put on a uniform and worked as a campus tour guide and discovered that his boss had a secret blog about him detailing all the ways he envisioned Mike being murdered. Ten years later, Mike wears jeans and converse shoes to work in a shared office in Brooklyn as a member of the Editorial Team and the managing editor at Longreads. The uniform he wears is that of a writer and editor; the costume of an adult trying to make a living in the city. No one is trying to chase Mike out of this city, nor planning to murder him—he hopes.

Daniel Danilov Happiness Engineer

Blog: Dan’s Site

While working as a Happiness Engineer on the Live Chat team, Daniel is still completing his degree in Psychology, with a slight entrepreneurial spice of business. His hobbies include gaming, reading, working out, hanging out with friends, and collecting stray cats. Spending (and loving) most of his time in front of his laptop, he’s a special mix of geek and extrovert.

Nick Daugherty Code Wrangler

Nick hacks with the VIP team from his secret base high in the Colorado Rockies, where he was born and raised. When not tapping a keyboard or fighting off one of his cats, he enjoys to get outside to hike, mountain bike, and run the many nearby trails.

Stephane Daury Stephane Daury API Whisperer

Blog: tekArtist
Stephane currently lives in Montreal, Canada, where he shares his time between a family he adores and a career he is more than ecstatic about. He started working in the digital/web industry in 1994, and admits he is lucky enough to have done it all at some point or another. His favorite quote is Albert Einstein’s “I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious.”

Brie Anne Demkiw Product Designer

Brie was born and raised in San Diego, which currently serves as her home base. She has also lived in Thailand, Vietnam, and Bali, and has trouble staying in one place for too long. She enjoys sketching in code, experiments in living outside the status quo, and consuming spicy foods. When she’s not designing, you will usually find her reading, hiking unnecessarily long distances, or taking excessive amounts of sunset photos.

Darnell Dibbles Community Guardian


Darnell was born and raised in Houston, but moved to Austin in 2000 to attend The University of Texas in order to pursue a career in opera. When he realized he didn’t want to become a struggling musician, he changed his major from vocal performance to English…where he could become a struggling writer. A few beautiful things happened along the way: He met his lovely wife and mother of his toddler son, he joined an a cappella group, a fraternity, and a ministry – and learned how to create websites for them all. When not engineering happiness, Darnell enjoys singing, watching sports, making music, ministry, The Walking Dead (both the comic and TV show), traveling, and eating.

Jennifer M. Dodd Code Wrangler

Jennifer is an East Coast transplant from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She started out doing custom themes and gradually moved to writing plugins and contributing to bbPress. When she isn’t wrangling code, she can be found hanging out with her husband and four children in Fredericksburg, Virginia. She loves cooking, gardening, and drinking tea.

Aaron Douglas Muse & Maker

Blog: The Dangling Pointer
Photo Blog: Astral Imagery

Aaron was that kid taking apart the mechanical and electrical appliances at five years of age to see how they worked. He never grew out of that core interest – to know how things work. He took an early interest in computer programming, figuring out how to get past security to be able to play games on his dad’s computer. He’s still that feisty nerd, but at least now he gets paid to do it.

Aaron was Java enterprise engineer and was able to switch focus to mobile (iOS and some Android) development and design.  Aaron’s interest in mobile development has been ever increasing since he got his first iOS app in Apple’s App Store in 2009, Migraine Diary. Other than software development, Aaron enjoys camping during the summer, taking his dogs for a walk around the neighborhood, and pretending to be a storm chaser while sitting at home.

Mark Drovdahl Technical Account Engineer

The son a of college professor and married to a teacher, Mark loves learning, especially figuring out how things work and then thinking of new ways to make things work better. Faced with the prospects of declaring a major in college, he decided to build his own, blending Computer Science and Business courses. The path since has taken many turns, including occupations ranging from working with at-risk youth to writing front-end web code and starting a general contracting business. When he’s not wrangling VIP client projects, Mark is likely making sawdust, changing diapers or flipping pancakes. Mark prefers radio to TV, pirates over ninjas and Python above PowerPoint.

Brooke Dukes Happiness Engineer


Brooke, a west coast native, currently resides in Seattle, WA. After Brooke received a degree in graphic design she learned she was more passionate about people than pixels. Even so, she still can’t pass up a good conversation about design. When she isn’t engineering some happiness you will find her cycling, enjoying vegetarian food with friends and family or hanging out with her betta fish, Herbert.

Ian Dunn Community Gardener

Ian was born and raised in Ohio, and then a few years after college he got rid of everything that wouldn’t fit in his car and drove to Seattle, where he currently resides. Before coming to Automattic, Ian helped to start a small web development shop and spent many years building custom WordPress plugins and themes for clients. Now that he’s joined Automattic, he hopes to leverage that experience to build tools that support the WordPress community. In his spare time, he enjoys punk rock, ice cream, and crushing on Rachel Maddow.

Jeremey DuVall Happiness Engineer


Jeremey first studied Exercise Science for both undergrad and grad school. After seven years as a personal trainer, he fell in love with everything WordPress and blogging related and never looked back. Since then, he’s been helping bloggers publish great content. When he’s not engineering happiness, Jeremey is chasing his dogs around a mountain or two in Colorado or trying to find the best cup of coffee imaginable. He also tweets with the rest of the cool kids.

Ben Dwyer Ode Wrangler

Blog: Scruffian

Breed: Mongrel; a blend of mathematician, painter, poet, musician, cyclist, gardener and woodsman.

Behaviour: Tinkering; with wood, with words, with music, with cameras and sometimes with code.

Natural habitat: The woods; habitat destruction is endemic.

Diet: Dark chocolate (the darker the better), anything roasted.

Distribution: Migratory, always returning to England.

Tiffany Ehrhart Accounting Wrangler

Originally from Texas, Tiffany grew up all over, from Mississippi to Alaska to Oklahoma thanks to a military dad. She’s finally settled by the sea again in Charleston, SC which conclusively has the best restaurants in the country. When she’s not CPA-ing with the Ops Team you can find her at the beach, reading a book (especially classics and LOTR), attending concerts, going for a run (if it’s nice outside!) and hanging out with her 30lb cat, Hollis Brown.

Danilo Ercoli Mobile Wrangler

Blog: Danilo Ercoli
Danilo was born and raised in the beautiful countryside of Ciociaria, central Italy. He was adopted from Bologna and start working as GIS developer when he was very young. He currently lives in Bologna, but travels all around Italy hoping to find the right place to live. Now he’s joined the mobile crew working on our mobile apps and on other open source projects. When not coding Danilo enjoys indie music, soccer and politics. His lucky number is 8, and his favourite quote is from a Keane song: “Oh, simple thing, where have you gone?”.

Egill R. Erlendsson Wizard of Ads

Although born and bred in Iceland, he whose name can not be spoken, bares no responsibility for ash spewing, holiday wrecking, flight grounding volcanoes with unpronounceable names. At Automattic he serves up a refreshing cocktail of ads and more ads. While not working he can be found enjoying life in Iceland with his better half, watching his three upcoming Automatticians growing up.

Sérgio Estêvão Mobile Wrangler

Blog: Sergio Estevao

A MAD engineer that tries to make anything work better on mobile systems.

Sérgio was born in Luanda Angola, move to Portugal when he was 6 and stay there until finish is studies in Computer Science. He nows lives in London with his family.

When is not coding he loves to travel by train, eat all kinds of food, ride his bike and surf the ocean.

MAD – mobile application developer

Scott Evans Pixel Coordinator


Scott studied graphic communication and digital media at the University for the Creative Arts in England and has two D&AD yellow pencils. He joins Automattic as a designer on the VIP team. Scott currently lives in a small, rural village, an hour to the west of London by train. Outside the world of WordPress you will find him cycling, eating pudding and tinkering with electronics.

Yoav Farhi Yoav Farhi Iñtërnâtiônàlizætiønër

Blog: On/Off
He still doesn’t know what he wants to be when he grows up, but until then, Yoav is finding happiness in making users happy. Happily married (+ dog) and living not too far from Tel-Aviv, Israel, Yoav also makes sure everything we do around here works in languages written from tfel ot thgir.

Christopher Finke Spam Assassin

Blog: Less Talk, More Do

When Chris is not at the computer, his hobbies include cooking, woodworking, and writing short bios about himself.

Miguel Fonseca Javascript Wrangler

Ever since that epic arms race against his childhood friend in 7th grade for the shiniest, most pimped-out personal website, Miguel has been nurturing his love for the Web and Open Source by playing with things and breaking them. When not in his cave, you’ll find him on his bicycle dodging cars up and down the Lisbon hills or dancing the Lindy Hop to Swing music in the park.

Eoin Gallagher Eoin Gallagher Principal Software Practitioner

Blog: Magpie
Eoin spent years telling robots what to do, only to realize they are bad listeners and incessant bores. So he abandoned a career in automation to eventually join Automattic. A proud Irish daddy of three girls, as well as a GAA man to the bone, he harbors ambitions of winning something before his knees give way. Career ambition now is to grok code and grow.

Mark George Vaultkeeper

Mark lives in Melbourne, Australia and has an insatiable urge to tinker with things. In his spare time, he plays and designs games, and likes to build crazy things. He has two amazing children who like to keep him busy. Sometimes he does some coding, too.

Nick Gernert Director, Platform Services

Nick is a native Floridian where he spent half of his life playing video games and the other half building what became one of the world’s leading WordPress development consultancies. Nick uses his experience in deploying WordPress for large scale media publishers to grow the VIP services through product initiatives and strategic partnerships.

Paul Gibbs Code Wrangler

Blog: Bring Your Own Terms Of Service
Paul lives in the south of the UK, sandwiched between Crawley and Brighton. He’s proud to be British. Brought up on a diet of digestive biscuits, crumpets, and tea, Paul likes spending his spare time building WordPress plugins, including BuddyPress. Away from the screen, he enjoys reading, photography, and is learning to love travel.

John Godley John Godley Code Wrangler

Blog: Urban Giraffe
Originally from the UK, John spent many years juggling pointers before outsourcing himself around the world, ending up in China and the Czech Republic. When not coding he can be seen walking at great speeds, making sandwiches, and thinking of other countries to live in that begin with a C. John has never had coffee and doesn’t really do BBQ (but thinks he should keep that quiet).

Jeff Golenski Designer + Front-end Engineer

Blog: Web Tactician, Midnight Shift Photography.
Multidisciplinary designer who codes. Dedicating my life to helping others and pushing innovation on the web. Continuously vibrating at 528hz. ॐ Previous life: BruteProtect, Midnight Shift Studio.

Boris Gorelik Data scientist

Boris crunches data. Small data, big data, noisy data, you name it. That’s what he has been doing since 2001. And he never stopped enjoying it and probably will never stop.

Thomas Guillot Theme Generator

Blog: Thomas Guillot
Thomas is a proud frenchman now living in London, United Kingdom. After spending 2 years at medical school to become a surgeon he decided to pursue his dreams and do what he loves the most: web design and web development. He soon realized how amazing WordPress was and is now part of the Theme Team making awesome themes.

Alex Gustafson Happiness Engineer

After stints as a musician and marketer, Alex now engineers happiness for Automattic. When not typing here and there, he often rides bicycles, homebrews, knits, and plays board games. Alex lives with his wife, dog, and cat in Louisville, KY where he also hosts pub trivia at local bars and breweries.

Drew Hackney Pug Squad Happiness

Drew is from Cincinnati, but he escaped the seasons and now resides in Los Angeles, CA with his gorgeous wife and their adorable chihuahua. He fell in love with the internet back in the heyday of Geocities, and has been an ardent WordPress fan since discovering it in 2009. When he’s not engineering happiness on this giant series of tubes, he and his wife can usually be found singing somewhere or running around Disneyland, where they originally met.

Kat Hagan Code Wrangler

Blog: Not a Pattern

Kat was a photography major in a former life and now has degrees in CS and Computer Engineering. She’s been known to solve thorny programming problems by explaining them to her cats. When not convincing computers to do things, she enjoys biking, yoga, travel, reading (mostly sci-fi and magical realism), and making lists. She collects interesting words and can also be found on Twitter.

Pyry Hakulinen Systems Wrangler

Pyry is cool.

Nick Hamze Chief Swag Officer

Blog: Nick Hamze

Nick was born and raised in South Dakota. After spending way too much time in school Nick ended up with a JD/MBA. When not tinkering around with WordPress, Nick enjoys making swag.

Melanie Harari Happiness Engineer


Born in Maryland and raised in Colorado and Massachusetts, Melanie now lives in sunny Los Angeles, CA. When she’s not at her computer, she can be found reading about crisis negotiation, science, and world explorers; hanging out with her toddler; and indulging in her current obsession: finding the greatest slow cooker recipes on the planet.

Chris Hardie VIP Wrangler

After running a web development firm for 17 years, Chris joined Automattic to work with our VIP team. When he’s not wrangling WordPress sites, he tinkers with the programmable objects in his life, volunteers for not-for-profits where he lives in Indiana, and blogs about technology, politics, marketing, and community-building. Chris is probably taller than you.

Ran Yaniv Hartstein Happiness Engineer


A long time WordPress contributor, Ran lives in Tel Aviv, Israel, and helps Automattic make its products the best they can be. He has 17 characters in his name.

Dustin Hartzler Happiness Engineer


Born and raised in Ohio, Dustin has never lived any place other than the Buckeye state. Before joining Automattic, he graduated from Ohio Northern University with an electrical engineering degree. Websites have always fascinated him, especially when he created his first site in college using the amazing technology of Microsoft Front Page. When he isn’t engineering happiness at, he can be found trying out to do list applications and completing 90% of every project he starts.

Dan Hauk Designamagician

Blog: Upward Spiral
Born and raised in Reading, PA (just west of Philly), Dan still calls it home with his wife, 18-month-old daughter, and two dogs. While studying print and graphic design in college he discovered the joys of designing for screens and shifted focus. When he isn’t making things look pretty, Dan can be found listening to and playing music, taking photos, and spending time with family.

Adam Heckler Happiness Engineer


Born and raised in central Ohio, Adam now lives with his girlfriend and their dog in the lovely Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia. Aside from and all things Internet, Adam enjoys backpacking, reading, swinging in his hammock, and a good beer. His superpower is the ability to not eat his vegetables.

Jeremy Herve Happiness Engineer

Blog: Jeremy Herve

Originally from France, Jeremy now lives in Budapest, Hungary. When he is not engineering happiness at, he is probably in front of another screen: his passions away from the computer are cinema, TV series, and science fiction books.

Erick Hitter Team 51 Lead

It took Erick a while to figure out what he wanted to be when he grew up, which led him through a few different careers. After experiments in audio engineering and accounting, he used his long-dormant web development skills to land a few freelance gigs. One of those turned into a full-time position, where he stayed for a few years before an opportunity at Automattic came his way. When not building cool tools to let users customize their blogs, Erick travels to as many WordCamps as he can afford, seeks out great beer, and longs for enough free time to go hiking in New Hampshire’s White Mountains again.

Kelly Hoffman Designer

Kelly is trying out the semi-nomadic lifestyle and calls Connecticut her home base. She enjoys traveling to anywhere there’s mountains so she can do her favorite activities of snowboarding and mountain biking. She also enjoys live shows, camping, longboarding, working in coffee shops, making videos of her travels, and just generally going with the flow.

Dennis Hong Jack of Blog Trades

Blog: Musings on Life and Love

At various points in his life, Dennis has been 1) a microbiologist, 2) a professional poker player, 3) a teacher of at-risk teenagers, and is now 4) an Automattician. In his spare time, he 1) plays several varieties of hockey, 2) rock climbs, 3) swing dances, and 4) jams out 80s metal covers on the piano. He’s also a relationships and comedy writer (which can be either an oxymoron or redundant, depending on your perspective) and can be found doling out dating advice on various internet locales. Dennis likes to number things.

Jen Hooks Dotorg Concierge

Blog: My Three Birds

Jen spent nine years teaching university biology and zoology before making the switch to engineer happiness for Automattic. She finds that helping users is very much like teaching, and she lives for feedback that something has finally “clicked” for a user. Jen is probably drinking a mug of dark roast coffee and wearing dog-hair covered yoga pants with wool socks while she is providing support to you, and she may or may not have brushed her hair today.  A wife and mother of three very young kids and two rescue dogs, she lives in Ohio and tries on a daily basis to remain The Boss of her household.

Daryl L. L. Houston Happiness Gardener

Blog: Two Ells
Upon earning a degree in English literature and writing from UNC-Chapel Hill, Daryl realized he had no job prospects and decided to try his hand at computers. After short stints with a couple of small local companies, he did a long stint with a browser company and is now tickled pink to be working with WordPress on a day-to-day basis. He lives in Knoxville with his wife, two kids, dog, and fish, and he passes his time reading literary fiction. He will never give up on the Oxford comma but will happily split infinitives and end sentences prepositions with.

Ben Huberman Story Wrangler

Ben loves tacos, baseball, and opera. Originally from Tel Aviv, he now lives in Vancouver, a city famous for having one taquería, no baseball, and so-so opera. While his quest to be known as the Earl of Oxford commas has so far failed, he still enjoys herding keyboard strokes into order. He’ll eat your gummy bears even if you don’t share the belief that blogging was invented in the 16th-century (yes, it really was!). He can often be found creating Play-Doh art his toddler son fails to appreciate.

James Huff WordAds Relations

James began using WordPress in 2004. Being new to WordPress (and blogging in general), he quickly found the WordPress Support Forums, where he slowly mastered the fine arts of community support and containing fires. James currently resides in sunny Southern California, where he enjoys helping tens of thousands of bloggers make a living from their blog.

Dion Hulse Secret WordPress Agent

Blog: blog://
Dion was born and raised in the country side of Australia. He started his journey with WordPress in early 2005 and has never left, some debate if WordPress was simply his out from University life, but others know it as a calling. During the day he can be found making more awesome, and during the night, making even awesome-er.

Matt Husby Shark Wrangler

Matt is currently in Milwaukee, WI and for some odd reason really likes to have all 4 seasons (but does wish winter was only about 3 weeks). In his free time he enjoys all things tech, and when not working on making WordPress better plays with everything from erlang to cocoa.  Fun Fact: In a previous life Matt was an avionics technician on F-16’s.

Takashi Irie Theme Generator

Blog: Takashi Irie
Takashi is a Japanese web designer who is now wrangling themes at Automattic. He loves house music as much as he loves WordPress. He lived in London for 7 years where he studied and started his career on the web. He met WordPress in the university and since then it has been a big part of his life, not just professional but also personal. His wife shares his addiction and they both enjoy together the wonders of WordPress. He is now living in Brighton, a seaside town in the south of UK.

Shawna J Roberts Happiness Engineer

Blog: theknittercooks

A Chicago native, Shawna spent the past few years in Massachusetts before landing back in the glorious Windy City. Shawna has a love for well-designed paperwork and managing theatrical productions, as well as being an avid knitter and on-again-off-again blues dancer. Recently informed that she’s allergic to gluten and milk (among other things), she’s figuring out how to live a life without pasta and cheese.

Omar Jackman Code Wrangler

Omar joined Automattic in 2013 as a Code Wrangler. Programming was his first love until he met his wife. When he isn’t coding, he’s building planters for the neighborhood, hanging out with his two wonderful children and family Weimaraner “Lady”.

Sampath Jaini Data Wrangler

Sampath worked with various startups and established companies ranging from chip maker to gaming in the Bay Area.. lives with his wife and two daughters.  With an appetite for all things web, Sampath is a nocturnal code monkey if he isn’t tired of answering his daughters questions.

Mohammad (Mo) Jangda Wrangly Coder

Mo has unhealthy obsessions with cool things like ice cream, JavaScript, and books. When not off on a coding adventure, you can find him annoying people with his terrible sense of humour, or watching tv wishing he was more active. Mo lives just outside of Toronto and loves it there — despite the moderately cold winter temperatures.

Eric Johnson App Wrangler

Blog: Aerych’s Page
Eric is a professional coffee drinker and member of the WordPress mobile team living in tornado prone Oklahoma City. He has a degree in Political Science that he has never used because working with technology is way more fun. When he’s not coding he enjoys making a mockery of golf, frequenting coffee shops, and fussing with numerous hobby projects.

Mike Johnston Builder


Helping to build our engineering team, as well as Simplenote, Simperium, and an improved WordPress mobile experience. Born in Victoria, Canada, he didn’t stay long and proceeded to move around a lot. He’s been known to play some musical instruments from time to time, and abides by the Pythagorean prohibition of beans.

Valerie Kalantyrski Happiness Engineer

Valerie discovered WordPress while working at a Jazz restaurant, promptly decided it was better than sliced bread itself, and has been helping others use it ever since. When not engineering happiness, she likes to take aimless walks, discover inspired recipes, and consider the interconnectedness of all things.

Cami Kaos Dot Organizer


Inquisitive, quirky, parental, tattooed, boot loving, geeky, portland girl.

Kris Karkoski Happiness Engineer

Kris helps users as a Happiness Engineer. Before joining Automattic, he graduated from Gannon University in business administration and founded Originally from northwestern Pennsylvania, he now resides in Raleigh, NC and enjoys learning about business, technology, and health and spending time with his family, particularly at the beach.

Marcus Kazmierczak Tinkerer


Marcus lives in the Bay Area with his wife and two young daughters. He’s been a fan of Linux, the command-line and open source for over a dozen years. Marcus loves and continues tinkering on the web to empower people.

Demitrious Kelly Demitrious Kelly Code Ninja

Blog: Apokalyptik
Demitrious is a self portrayed jester (certainly not jack) of all trades and master of none. Leaving the heat of central California behind him he set out to make a difference in this new age of instant information. And what better place to make a difference than here with us at Automattic, where instant information isn’t just a goal but a way of life?

David A. Kennedy Theminator

Blog: David A. Kennedy
David A. Kennedy (just call him DK) helps themes be the best they can be on He  loves the open web, accessibility, and web standards. When not plugged in, you’ll find him rooting for the Florida Gators, doing a CrossFit workout, playing video games too much, or trying to make his daughter smile. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for the win.

Isaac Keyet Product Designer


Likes making good products for good people, and improving the world along the way. Participated in TechStars class ’07, co-founded IntenseDebate, helped make native WordPress apps for iOS and Android since 2010. Currently focused on the core UX of

Also, hats.

Alex Kirk Code Wrangler

Blog: alexander kirk
Alex was born and raised in Vienna, Austria, his surname has been passed down from his Scottish roots. He not only enjoys creating virtual stuff by means of programming, but also real stuff made of wood, playing squash and travelling.

Warren Kleban Lounge Manager

Blog: EaterNation

Hailing from the great state of Maryland, Warren turned his wagon west toward San Francisco where he has made his home for 8 years. He enjoys a paper copy of the New York Times, more coffee and food than he would prefer to tell his doctor about, going to the movies, and meeting new people everywhere he travels. He is the inventor of Guerrilla Scrapbooking & has one of the world’s largest fridge magnet collections. At Automattic his goal is to make sure things at the lounge get done, and done right.

Frank Klein Theme Wrangler


Fränk is a web developer living in Luxembourg. Besides wrangling WordPress themes, he likes reading, lifting weights and enjoying Luxembourg cuisine.

Oguz Kocer Mobile Wrangler

Hailing from sunny Anatolia, where green meets turquoise. Oguz has always been curious about computers, playing games all day long thinking one could be his own. In the pursuit of his dream, he started coding in college and even wrote a few games of his own. As a member of team Mercury, he is now hacking the WordPress iOS app. Aside from coding and gaming, he enjoys good wine and music with his wife.

Pam Kocke Happiness Engineer

Pam engineers happiness for users from New Orleans, Louisiana. In her free time, she enjoys photographing and blogging about her identical triplet sons, running slowly, and reading about cooking (far more than actually cooking.) An avid Anglophile, she loves Honeycrisp apples, autumn, and London. Her dislikes include celery, mealy Braeburns, and jazz.

Kevin Koehler Community Guardian

Kevin grew up in North Carolina and currently resides in Washington, D.C. but is probably traveling right now. He has always enjoyed fiddling on computers, since the halcyon days of the IIc. Somehow this became a career. After working with journalists and open government advocates, today Kevin tries to make the web a better place by fighting trolls in legal clothing and incorrigible spambots. Cowboys. Tentacles. Werewolves. Oh my.

Tony Kovanen JavaScript Wrangler

Tony is a developer who was born, raised and lives in Helsinki, Finland. He loves code of any kind, especially everything web related. Most of his time he spends wrangling code as a JavaScript engineer in Jetpack and as a core team member of the Socket.IO project. He is currently working towards a degree in Computer Science at the University of Helsinki. He loves to travel, so don’t be surprised to see him away from his cold and distant home.

Konstantin Kovshenin Code Wrangler

Born in Nizhniy Novgorod, raised in Malta, then Magnitogorsk. Enjoying life in Moscow. Speaks English, Russian, Italian and of course WordPress. Working with the Dot Org team at Automattic, bringing joy to the WordPress Community and the Open Source world. During his free time Konstantin plays the piano, walks the dog, drinks a lot of coffee and contributes to Core.

Brandon Kraft Cheesiness Engineer

Texas born and Texas raised, Kraft started in Wichita Falls before moving to Austin for The University of Texas. After sticking around long enough for a degree, he moved a couple of miles away where he lives with his wife and three daughters. He started building sites in 1996 moving to developing WordPress-based sites for years before moving to Automattic. Kraft enjoys a good beer, reading, and laughing at what people tell him on Twitter thinking he owns a massive food company of the same name.

Justin Kropp Designer


Justin is helping round out the number of Automattic designers from the South. He calls Chattanooga, TN home but has spent quite a bit of time in Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Baltimore, MD, and most recently Berlin, Germany. He is a self-proclaimed design minimalist exploring his discipline through typography, semiotics, and technology — striving to produce work that is useful, memorable, and meaningful. Justin is also an identical twin.

Joey Kudish Partnership Engineer


Joachim (Joey for short) is originally from Montreal, Quebec, but now lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. When not writing code or fixing bugs on, he is likely outside with his two dogs. Joey is also an enthusiastic traveler and avid coffee drinker.

Michelle Langston Theme Wrangler

Blog: Michelle Langston
Michelle is a Tar Heel-born-and-bred web designer and developer who built her first site at the age of 14. More than a decade later, she’s still at it. She pursued her undergraduate and graduate studies at UNC-Chapel Hill, earning degrees in Multimedia Journalism and Information Science, respectively. The topic of her Master’s project? Guess! (Hint: it starts with “Word” and ends with “Press”). Michelle enjoys cute animals, reading, singing in choirs, taking long walks, watching Tar Heel basketball, and trying to relearn how to play all the songs on the piano that she pounded out in her earlier years.

Jenia Laszlo Globe Wrangler

Jenia helps make just as awesome for the 75% of the internet that does not speak English. Fittingly for her role, she has lived in nine cities in seven countries, studied ten languages, and speaks five and a half. During her travels, she founded Houston and Geneva WordPress meetups.

Chris Lauzon Happiness Engineer

Blog: Portal of Delusion
A fan of helping others, and a huge fan of WordPress, Chris has been involved with my tech ventures for over 10 years. Loves music, movies, and anything nerdy. Currently living in Austin, TX.

Beau Lebens List Wrangler

Blog: Dented Reality
After growing up in a tiny town in rural Western Australia, Beau decided that he needed to be somewhere with a little more excitement so he could be a part of this “Internet” thing that no one was talking about at the time. After 10 years of illustrious (and sometimes not-so-illustrious) development work in a variety of companies (and freelancing), he landed his position with Automattic, beating code into shape with his mad Krav Maga skillz.

David (Lenny) Lenehan PollDaddy Engineer

Blog: ZXCode
Lenny is the Polldaddy. His role involves keeping Polldaddyland king of planet Polling. He likes reading every 8th book he buys, collecting old computers and doing nothing with them, saving every 500th picture he takes, and coming up with movie projects he never starts. He is based in Sligo, Ireland.

Jack Lenox Design Engineer

Blog: have_posts()
Jack has been building websites since he was 11, and fortunately he has very gradually got better at it. He studied Ancient History at Royal Holloway, University of London, where he also set up the college’s entrepreneurship society and student newspaper. He began developing with WordPress in 2008 when he realised that he should have been using it since its inception. Having spent a few years living and working in London, he now lives in Keswick in the English Lake District.

Miguel Lezama Code Wrangler

Miguel was raised between Valizas and Montevideo, were he actually lives with his wife. He has been around the web since the first modems arrived to Uruguay. He would like to try out everything he gets the chance to try in the world. He already knows that he loves family, friends and being happy. He really enjoys traveling, the ocean, sports and good food.

Tammie Lister Worg Wrangler

Blog: Diary of a website
Tammie lives in the UK with her husband and two dogs. She can often be found wrangling themes, torturing pixels and hugging puppies.

Chase Livingston Happiness Engineer

Chase has been involved in customer support for quite a while, so the Happiness Engineer position here at Automattic seemed like a perfect fit. When he’s not engineering happiness among users, you can find him with his beautiful wife, Jacinta, or his Golden Retriever, Abbey.

Ben Lowery Atom Smasher

Blog: b19y
Ben hails from Upstate NY, which reminds him a bit of the UP (Yoo-Pee) back in Michigan. After graduating from the University of Michigan a long long long long time ago (before the wind, before the snow), Ben has worn many hats, from security to UI design to database optimization. He’s currently working to improve the Reader and make sure your feeds arrive in a timely manner. The feeds must flow.

Thianh Lu Product

Thianh joined the Automattic family by way of Cloudup, where he was the CEO and co-founder. He currently works on product and interface design and is keen on building clean, simple and straight-forward products.

In his spare time, Thianh enjoys eating, watching rom-coms, hitting the slopes and match-making. He happily lives in San Francisco by way of Boston, Canada and Japan.

Paul Maiorana VP of Platform Services

As Vice President of Platform Services, Paul leads Automattic’s VIP services team, and helps support and expand that program by identifying new business opportunities and spearheading new products and partnerships. Prior to joining Automattic, Paul oversaw engineering, digital product, and design for Fast Company and Inc. as their CTO.

Ryan Markel VIP Pinball Wizard

Blog: Ryan Markel
Ryan engineers happiness for VIP from St. Louis, the Gateway to the West. He’s been blogging in some form or another since the turn of the millennium, eventually learning and loving WordPress. He enjoys the study of games, being part of Cardinal Nation, and helping his wife (try to) control his five children.

José Marques Design Wrangler

Blog: Feeding the Robots
José was born and lives in sunny Lisbon. In his first college year, while studying computer science, he fell in love with design and the web, and started crafting websites for friends. That eventually led to discovering and falling in love with WordPress. When he takes off the designer hat, he is usually hunting for new music, travelling to distant places, and reading books on subjects he doesn’t quite understand.

Kevin Marsden Happiness Engineer


Kevin was born and raised in Southern California and now lives in the Sacramento area with his wife and two sons.  After working in government finance for over ten years, he’s found his true calling as a Happiness Engineer.  Outside of work, when he’s not wrestling with his boys, he’s busy planning the next family adventure.

Dave Martin Creative Director & Growth Lead

In his move from Sydney, Australia back to the states, Dave decided to retire from his life as a nomad (52 homes in 30 years).  He has lots of passions, most of them related to the web. He loves clean, usable, bloat-less interfaces. He’s a fan of iterative design, polishing everything until it’s right, and testing changes to see what kind of impact they’ve made.

Matt Mazur Domain Wrangler


Matt works on domain names for He studied computer science at the Air Force Academy and was a communications officer in the US Air Force before joining Automattic. He lives in central Florida with his wife and rat terrier.

Anne McCarthy Happiness Engineer


A recent graduate of UNC Chapel Hill, Anne originally called Winter Park, FL home. While studying psychology in school, Anne lost track of time working for a WordPress multisite called Ever since, she has become increasingly interested in using her knowledge of psychology to improve her use of technology (and vice versa). After moving on a whim to San Francisco, she now works for the VaultPress team to secure happiness.

Lori McLeese Happiness (w)Rangler

Blog: LoriLoo
Originally from North Carolina, Lori makes her home in San Francisco, where she hikes amongst the Redwoods, reads all things paper and electronic, goes on slow runs, and makes gingerbread houses. At Automattic she loves working with the people, figuring out all things related to HR.

Rachel McRoberts Happiness Engineer

Blog: Happy Linguist

Rachel engineers happiness for people around the world from a little town in North Wales. When pried away from her computer, Rachel learns languages for fun and dances tango at every milonga she can find.

Diego Emilio Rey Mendez Mobile Wrangler

Diego is a mobile developer currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  He loves gaming, programming and technical challenges.  He also enjoys training and playing with his huge army of (2) Boston Terriers.

Andrea Middleton Dot Organizer

Blog: Wine Scamp

Andrea will talk your ear off about wine, food, literature of all sorts, parenting, and anything else she thinks she knows a lot about. She’s lived in 5 states in the US and spent 5 years in Mexico City and the US Virgin Islands, respectively. When not engaging in WordPress community organizing high-jinks, she can be found juggling her two kids – almost never literally – and wondering what to make for dinner.

Matt Miklic Whitespace Distributor

MT has been a designer since before he knew what that meant. When he was a child, his parents would often return home to find their furniture and artwork rearranged. Ever since, he’s been interested in making things simpler, more beautiful, and more fun to use. After adventuring in Savannah, Baltimore, and New Orleans, he now lives in lovely LA (Lower Alabama) with his trusty sidekick, Maggie.

Ingrid Miller Minister of People

Ingrid currently lives in Wyoming and frequently marvels at how she ended up here. She brings her love of checklists and processes to Automattic after 13 years in the ski industry. Not surprisingly, she enjoys snowboarding, good hot chocolate, and adding to her collection of puffy coats. She dislikes sushi (which serves her well in a mountain town), coffee, and temperatures above 75°.

Alex Mills Code Wrangler

After a previous life as a spy with the British Secret Intelligence Service, Alex joined Automattic to provide support for our awesome VIPs. When not being weird enjoying rain instead sun in Portland, Oregon, he enjoys driving his sports cars, playing video games with his friends, writing WordPress plugins, or riding his mountain bike.

Nick Momrik Technical Assistant

Blogs: Nick Momrik
Nick grew up in northern lower Michigan and currently lives in Saginaw. He worked at the Help Desk and Microlabs at Saginaw Valley State University for 8 years before joining Automattic. Nick has been using WordPress since version 0.72 and vaguely remembers life before plugins and themes. When he’s not doing CrossFit and there isn’t snow on the ground, he can usually be found on a golf course trying to get his first hole-in-one.

Caroline Moore Theme Mama

A northern Maine native, Caroline has been geeking around with websites since she was 14 and posting moody teenage poetry at Geocities. Not much has changed fifteen years later (except the Geocities and moody poetry parts, thankfully). She graduated in 2005 from the University of Maine, where she continued to work as a web designer and developer before joining Automattic in 2012. When not wrangling themes, she enjoys illustration, photography, writing, and hanging out with her husband, Tim, and their two daughters.

Tim Moore WordHacker

Blog: Aschynde

Tim is a Maine born and bred writer. At Automattic, he writes code for and Jetpack. At home, he writes fiction, memoirs, and blog posts that sometimes get published. He lives in Northern Maine with his wife and fellow Automattician, Caroline Moore, his two daughters, Ellie and Gwen, and assorted cats and dogs

Henrique Mouta VIP Wrangler

From the beautiful city of Lisbon, Henrique is a web developer that worked on one of major engineering schools of Portugal. When not doing some code, Henrique can be found doing some hiking, cycling or simply enjoying a movie at the cinema. Started programming really young, and now he is a supporter that the code should be poetry.

Matt Mullenweg Matt Mullenweg CBBQTT

Blogs: Photo Matt, Matt on WordPress
As the Chief BBQ Taste Tester of Automattic, Matt travels the world sampling cuisine and comparing it to the gold standard of Texas BBQ. Although he originally aspired to be a jazz saxophonist, Matt somehow wound up studying economics which took him to Washington D.C. where he began taking pictures and blogging. The rest, as they say, is mystery. He lives in San Francisco and has a crush on Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s.

Jason Munro Code Wrangler


Jason grew up in rural Massachusetts, but has spent the last 20 years living outside of Kansas City, Kansas. A love of tinkering led him to a career in software development. For the five years prior to joining Automattic Jason wrote software to manage stock and option trading platforms for BATS Global markets. Jason loves to spend time with his wonderful wife and two fantastic daughters, playing darts or ping pong with his wife, biking or hiking around town, or tipping back his favorite beer at the local brewery.

David Murphy Code Wrangler


David and his wife, four(!) children, dog, and cats live in Cumbria, UK. New to Automattic, but has been wrangling code for many, many years now.

Richard Muscat Growth Engineer

Blog: Serious Simplicity
Richard grew up in sunny Malta: the place where traffic rules are guidelines, everyone drives in the shade, and the beach is never more than 15 minutes away. After a good few years in Aberdeen and Cambridge he moved back to Malta in 2013 with his wife where he now works as a Growth Engineer for Automattic. He spends a disproportionate amount of time removing cat hair from his clothes and lurking on Twitter.

Jen Mylo Jen Mylo Master of Suggestion

Blog: Jane For Short
Her fellow Automatticians call her the UI Goddess. Prior to joining Automattic, Jane ran a media research/usability lab in New York and served as director of user experience strategy at Schematic. She’s lived everywhere, had jobs ranging from massage therapist to dude ranch cook (before her ten years in the web industry), and puts herself in the shoes of our users whenever possible. Literally… she’s always losing her sandals.

Prasath Nadarajah Happiness Gardener

Blog : Prasath’s webspace

Prasath was born, raised and currently lives in beautiful Sri Lanka. He loves travelling, photography and playing the game of cricket.

David Newman Byte Wrangler

David hails from South Africa, where he spent his days as a CTO in the in-store digital space, developing weird and wonderful edge-to-cloud turn-key products for blue chip clients. His passion is now developing, debugging, hacking and slashing for the Systems Team at Automattic. When he isn’t engulfed in the lastest systems endeavour, he stalks the streams fly fishing, makes wood fire braai’s (BBQs), studies AI, and  builds robots.

George Ng Director of Finance

George started his career in investment banking, but six years in, he realized his clients were having way more fun at the other side of the table. He jumped to the dark side of technology start-ups, and hasn’t looked back since. He currently leads the finance team at Automattic, and spends his time engineering all things finance. He also is a recipient of Automattic’s Distinguished Janitor Award (true story). George is a native San Franciscan, so trust him when he says “don’t call it Frisco”.

Veselin Nikolov Code Wrangler

Blog: Чорба от греховете на dzver

Veselin is from Bulgaria. He’s been working since the early teenage years. Tried different things – writing books, making crosswords puzzles, worked a while on a construction site, then got a degree in Accounting and became a professional software engineer. Happily ever after.

Tom Nowell VIP Wrangler


Tom’s a VIP Wrangler. He was acquired as a part of Code For The People, the company was delivered to Portugal in a large box and unwrapped by the VIP team

Ian Nuttall Happiness Engineer


Ian is a Happiness Engineer on the Store team who lived in Nottingham, England with his wife and 2 kids.  He loved tech, gadgets and travel but nothing beats spending time playing with his kids.

Konstantin Obenland Chairman of Height


Born and raised in Constance, Germany, Konstantin moved to Southern California in September 2012. Here he enjoys the everyday sun, the beaches, burritos on fridays and football on sundays. And occasionally he drinks beer.

Robyn Okrant Happiness Engineer

Robyn loves helping bloggers get started on WordPress. She also digs speculative fiction, yoga, knitting, her cats, Nepal, hiking, swimming, yoga, Jim, food blogs, baking for other people, guacamole, the color orange, Jaws, crossword puzzles, owls, Ethiopian food, and Oxford commas.

David Opel T. Dotter

Blog: American Cheese

David has the uncanny ability to pair fine cheeses with finance.  Living in San Francisco, he thinks about “the big one” hitting way too often.  He is very afraid of flying and terrified of heights.  He hates bees, wind, and potholes. Nothing would please him more than to see his San Diego Chargers win the Super Bowl. In short, David is a frightened dreamer.

Simon Ouderkirk Hospitality Evangelist

Blog: First Crack Media

Having bounced between jobs in higher education and progressive coffee, Simon settled down with Automattic in the spring of 2013. When not engineering happiness, he writes about coffee and education, reads about dragons and lean business practices, and runs charity 5Ks in a foam rubber taco suit. He is a loving husband, a reluctant cat owner, and an aspiring Code Poet.

Andrew Ozz Andrew Ozz

Blogs: Andrew on WordPress, Laptop Tips
In the mid-eighties Andrew graduated in Electronics from Sofia Polytechnics and started working in the only computer company at the time in Bulgaria — Software Products and Systems. After trips through London, DEC, freelancing he finally ended up in Vancouver, where he now resides. In 2007 something possessed him to start contributing to WordPress’ TinyMCE integration, and somehow we convinced him to continue taming that beast and other WPness full-time.

Sendhil Panchadsaram Mobile Engineer


Sendhil grew up in warm and sunny San Diego but somehow found himself residing in cold and rainy Seattle. Despite the terrible weather, he’s grown rather fond of the city. He’s a big fan of all things related to mobile development, especially iOS. When not coding in Objective C, he likes to play around with Rails. During his time away from the computer, he enjoys reading, comic books(especially movies), sunshine and tea.

Grace Park Happiness Engineer


Grace was born and raised in Los Angeles and she adopted a chiweenie name Mandu in 2011. She likes animals (especially dogs), warm weather, piano, and Louis CK.

Andy Peatling Andy Peatling Triton Team Lead

Blogs: Andy on WordPress
Originally from the UK, Andy had no trouble adapting to the rain soaked life of Vancouver, BC where he now lives. Andy likes to hop between coding and designing, sometimes mixing the two together and making his code look “pretty.” He has been tinkering with WordPress for a number of years both in theme design and plugin development. When away from his screen, Andy loves to watch and play all kinds of sports. Being in Canada, hockey holds a special place in his heart.

Gary Pendergast Poet

Blogs: Gary, Gary Takes Photos
Gary can most often be found in Melbourne, Australia. He enjoys making things, breaking things and fixing things, which keeps life interesting. In his spare time, he has been known to get excited about quality food, interesting beers, strong coffee and live music.

Jorge Leandro Perez Mobile Wrangler

Blog: Lantean
Jorge lives in the world capital of Tango. After graduating from University in 2006, he’s been developing software products for new technologies, and enjoys playing his guitar once in a while.

Matt Perry Code Wrangler

Blog:  Stkywll
Matt is a web developer based in Seattle, Washington. He particularly loves working with WordPress, PHP, JavaScript, and is interested in how WordPress is used in the newsroom and within organizations of all types. Over the past few years he’s been lucky to be able to work with WordPress and other technologies alongside teams of great journalists and political organizers. This work has deepened his love for the web, open source software, and making change with technology. Avocationally, he’s an amateur soccer player, professional soccer fan, dog lover, occasional gardener, fair-weather cyclist and wannabe polymath.


Iliya Polihronov Systems Developer

Iliya is a developer, systems administrator, and systems architect currently living in Sofia, Bulgaria. He strives to understand how things work and to find the best possible solutions. When not reading about the latest and coolest technical solutions, he likes to stay active by lifting weights, running, and playing sports like gymnastics, boxing, and swimming.

Kathryn Presner Happiness Engineer


Kathryn spends her Montreal summers savoring a daily Vietnamese iced coffee and pondering new ways to prevent a squirrel feeding frenzy in the garden. During the wintertime she mostly hibernates and cuddles with her three demanding felines. She organizes a monthly dinner club that so far has sampled cuisines including Salvadoran, Venezuelan, Argentinian, Indonesian, British-gastropub, Thai-vegetarian, Persian, Egyptian-seafood, Egyptian-brunch, Ethiopian, and Turkish. Her biggest pet peeve on the web is bad restaurant websites.

Stephen Quirk Content Engineer


Stephen is a lifelong Mainer – not counting a semester abroad studying photography in Ireland.   A WordPress user since 2006, he’s consulted on WordPress-based sites, and helped plan local WordPress Meetups, as well as the first WordCamp Maine.  Stephen joined Automattic when BruteProtect was acquired by Automattic.  He currently lives just outside of Portland, Maine with his wife and daughter.

Hafiz Rahman Happiness Engineer


When people get help with their blogs in the middle of the night, there’s a slight chance that Hafiz is on the other side of the screen. That’s the perk of living on the other side of the world! Coming from sunny Malang, Indonesia, Hafiz spends his free time with his family, and, when time allows, reads about soccer and other inferior philosophies of life.

Nathan Rajlich Code Wrangler


Programmer / Nerd.
@nodejs core committer.
JavaScript engineer at @Cloudup (@automattic).
Before you ask, I’m 6’6”…

Bob Ralian JavaScript Wrangler

Bob is a hacker, entrepreneur, musician, and daddy. Originally from Wisconsin, and a recent transplant to the San Francisco Bay area, Bob is grateful that winter is now a choice. He speaks several flavors of geek, but enjoys JavaScript poetry the most. He likes the “get off my porch,” cranky-old-man kind of JavaScript where you type semicolons hard so the parser can feel it.

Guillermo Rauch Maker

Blog: Devthought
Guillermo Rauch comes to Automattic as the CTO and co-founder of Cloudup. His background and expertise is in the realtime web. He’s the creator of, one of the most popular JavaScript projects on GitHub, with implementations in many different programming languages and frameworks. He’s the author of “Smashing Node.JS” published by Wiley in 2012, currently one of the best-selling and highest rated book about Node.JS on Amazon. He’s spoken at dozens of conferences all around the world about JavaScript and the realtime web, such as OSCon, QCon and NDC. He’s originally from Argentina.

Kjell Reigstad Design

A former New Yorker, Kjell now lives outside of Boston with his wife and their cat. He’s worked on Longreads since the early days, and enjoys clean, simple design that doesn’t get in the way.

Martin Remy


Martin is German, but ever since he got his hands on his first computer (while living in Saudi Arabia and attending 7th grade), he knew he’d move to Silicon Valley one day.  After ten years in said valley, he discovered that Colorado is even nicer and moved his family and his computer collection there.  Martin was a co-founder of Sphere and likes to work on things that connect people with content.

Ash Rhodes ingeniare felicitas communitas

Ash spends equal portions of his time arguing with cats over the appropriate ownership of horizontal surfaces in his home, and with his wife over the best names for the children which they have no intention of having (beyond the one screamy one they already have). He has lived all over the Southwestern United States as well as Scotland, UK; and for reasons unknown to everyone (including him), he keeps moving back to his hometown. He also takes a photograph every once in a while. You know, for funsies.

Mark Riley Mark Riley Support Maven

Blog: Romantic Robot
Mark is a doer of various things.

Zandy Ring The One Ring

Revelry Reverie

Zandy loves travel, art, other fancy things, teen movies (favorite: Empire Records), children’s movies (favorite: Finding Nemo), bad movies (favorite: Clue the Movie), her twin toddlers, and her husband. This is not the official order of loves.

Daniel Robert Theme Wrangler

Blog: &

Dan was born and raised in the suburbs of Detroit, MI and moved out to sunny San Diego, CA shortly after college. When not wrangling themes on the Theme Team, he enjoys surfing, snowboarding, hiking, traveling, trying new foods, and hanging out with his wife and their dog. Some of Dan’s favorite things include (but are not limited to) iced coffee, yerba mate, dark chocolate, craft beer, sushi, and Thai food.

Josh Root Happiness Engineer

A proud and happy native of Washington State, Josh spent his childhood climbing up, sliding down, swimming in and exploring through the San Juan islands and Cascade hills. After leaving the nest, he ended up first being a professional photographer, then running a million member online photography site, and ultimately became immersed in the world of web-communities, users and and how to keep everything running smoothly. These days he spends his time chasing after his two young lunatic boys, hassling his beautiful wife, following his favorite sports teams, drinking too much coffee, and fly fishing whenever he can.

Sara Rosso VIP Global Services Manager

Blog: Ms. Adventures in Italy, When I have Time

A WordPress user and enthusiast since 2006, California-bred Sara is currently in Rome, Italy craving the BBQ her colleagues enjoy daily (and Mexican food, too – please FedEx some). She works with the VIP Services team, trading stories about the Hoff, forgetting her current time zone and dreaming up new usages for WordPress – she hasn’t run out of ideas yet!

Dan Roundhill Mobile Engineer

Blog: Around the Hill
Dan was born and raised in Seattle, WA so he’s fully engaged with the culture by wearing micro fleece and drinking lots of Starbucks Americanos.  He’s crazy for mobile apps and you’ll find him staring at a small screen for hours on end.  We’re OK with that though since that results in cooler WordPress apps for mobile.  During his free moments he enjoys family, photography and continuing his quest to find the best cheeseburger in the world.

Cheri Lucas Rowlands Story Wrangler and Editor

Blog: Writing Through the Fog
Cheri takes photos, wanders the world, and writes about the internet, time, space, and place. She received an MFA in nonfiction from Goucher College and a BA in screenwriting from Loyola Marymount University. She has a soft spot for the ’90s underground dance scene, can’t get enough of squirrels, and is currently building a tiny house on wheels.

Chris Rudzki Eclectic Happifier


Having retired from zapping protozoa with electrical stimuli, Chris spends most of his time drinking chai tea at cafés and running around in parks. He studied philosophy at the University of Pittsburgh in his native city, and applied for graduation upon discovering that he doesn’t exist. If he were a car, he would probably be a yellow Volvo from the 1980s. Ideally, it would be in running condition.

Cat Rymer Community Guardian

Cat Rymer lives with her husband, son, and cat in Concord, California, a short BART train ride from San Francisco.  When she’s not using her happiness powers to slay user problems she gardens, cooks, and does total gut renovations of the various rooms of her house.  She’s also known to burst into song without warning at random times and in random places.  Her super power is the ability to inject a humorous reality check into any situation.

Jonathan Sadowski Code Wrangler

Jonathan comes from the Milwaukee area. Outside of football season when he isn’t spending Sundays on his couch yelling at his television, he enjoys tinkering with electronics (and trying not to fry them). He spends the remainder of his free time trying to get his website to display on the first page of the Google results for “Jonathan Sadowski”. There’s an actor that starred in one of the Die Hard movies that shares his name. Did you even know they made five Die Hard movies?

Luca Sartoni Growth Explorer

Blog: Luca Sartoni

Luca was convinced that spending time on cat memes would have landed him a real job in the tech industry. After A/B testing his assumption over the last few years, it looks like he was right. He considers himself a good photographer, but his assumption remains to be validated.

Toni Schneider Toni Schneider ex-CEO

Toni works in the super secret Automattic underground lab. Toni’s bio can be found here.

Lisa Schuyler Community Guardian


Lisa can usually be found in a hoodie, covered in pet hair, blogging about her life’s adventures, while trying to convince her husband she isn’t a klutz. Lisa has a Forestry degree from Lakehead University and now lives in Nova Scotia, Canada.

Joseph Scott Joseph Scott Bug Exorcist

Blog: Joseph Scott
Joseph is a California native, living in Utah with his wife, three daughters and one son. He got hooked on email when it meant dialing into a BBS with a 2400 baud modem and ended up memorizing way too much of the AT command set. Access to the Internet changed all that and going to work for an ISP cemented that shift. It also exposed to him to the world of open source, starting with FreeBSD in 1996. From there he spent a number of years in IT doing a little bit of everything.

Wendy Scott Happiness Engineer

Wendy is a self-described Renaissance soul with diverse interests, a voracious appetite for reading, and a passion for learning just about anything. It was just that sorta thing that led her to WordPress. After deciding to learn to build websites several years ago, she tried a few rather limited and clunky platforms that sadly resulted in limited and clunky websites. Then she found WordPress and never left. She currently engineers happiness from sunny central Florida where sweater weather is defined as any day below 70°F.

Steve Seear Code Wrangler

After working in a salad factory, a herb factory, and a pie factory, Steve decided that playing with computers all day was a better bet. Lives in Yorkshire with lovely wife and three boys and loves running, reading, and all the music.


Andrew dela Serna Happiness Engineer

Blog: Aperture Hero
Andrew hails from Davao City, Philippines and enjoys traveling, working out, playing badminton, eating dark chocolate and drinking milk tea. After earning his college degree in Management Economics, he went to the US to pursue a degree in Digital Design. Andrew is currently the president of a local blogging community he helped found, the Davao Bloggers Society, and is scheming to stay on for another 20 years.

Matt Sherman JavaScript Wrangler

Blog: Matt or Meeple

Matt lives with his wife and daughter in Fairport, New York; though, his heart and mind is often in Florida at Walt Disney World or the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. He enjoys playing euro-style board games with family and friends. Matt searches out craft breweries and BBQ places whenever he travels. He loves taking photos, cooking, reading, and listening to a wide range of music.

Alex Shiels Alex Shiels Reverse Engineer

Blog: Flight Path
Automattic’s first Australian, first Alex, and first vegetarian. Melbourne born and raised, Alex writes code and fights crime. He has two inventive young children, and roasts his own coffee.

Justin Shreve Partnership Engineer

Blogs:, MyLifeInJPEGs.

Currently living in Northeast Ohio, Justin will soon be moving to NYC. He deals with APIs and partnerships for When he is not working he enjoys writing, photography, traveling, gaming, and finding his next big adventure.

Ashish SHUKLA Ashish SHUKLA Systems Wrangler

Ashish is a hacker who advocates use of free software. He uses Emacs (and sometimes Vim ;)). He likes to idle on IRC (and XMPP) and contribute to various free software projects. When he’s not sleeping, he’s usually awake.

Fabiana Simões Happiness Engineer

Blog: Fabiana’s blog

Born and raised in the warm Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Fabiana now lives in the “sort-of-breezy” city of Göteborg in Sweden. She loves puppies, burgers and graphic novels, and David Tennant is her favorite Doctor. When she’s not engineering happiness for, Fabiana is playing video games with her better half and catching up with the latest sitcoms. She believes free (as in freedom, not as in beer) and open source software will change the world.

Rose Goldman Simon Accelerant

Blog: Rosemattic

Rose knows. Rose is a behind-the-scenes magician at Automattic who does experiments and blows stuff up in a secret lab. No one is really sure what she does but we’ve heard that she’s an investor in emacs. She loves to ski, backpack, travel, cook and eat. Other hobbies include internet dating, embarrassing herself in public, and trying to earn a spot on the Systems Team at Automattic.

Andy Skelton Andy Skelton Code Wrangler

Blogs: Skeltoac, Andy on WordPress
Originally a Vermont maple syrup gargler, Andy was called by high adventure to build the Automattic Ranch in Austin where he is kept warm by the socks someone knitted him for helping her move from Blogger to WordPress. It is rumored that he has an Internet Explorer voodoo doll that he sticks pins in while muttering “box model this.” His publicist was not available for comment.

Peter Slutsky Director of Platform Services


Peter spent the better part of 9-months gestating inside a microwave-sized womb with a person who later became his twin brother. Now, 32 and married to a lovely lady, he joined Automattic to focus on expanding the WordPress footprint in politics, government and nonprofit. Peter’s career started as a staffer on John Kerry’s presidential campaign, followed by various jobs in politics, media and technology. For a hot minute, Peter was seen regularly on MSNBC as a ‘political pundit’ and along with his work at Automattic, he enjoys cycling, drinking wine and documentary film. Peter lives in Brooklyn, NY.

Derek Smart Code Wrangler

A code wranglin’, new england livin’, pizza eatin’, bike ridin’, WordPressin’ type of guy.

Allen Snook Code Panda


Allen lives in wild and wooly Snohomish, Washington with his wife, two kids, two dogs and a cat.  While other teenagers were learning how to drive cars, Allen was soldering memory chips into his TRS-80 and hasn’t stopped playing on computers since.  When he’s not on a computer, he’s practicing martal arts (with the whole family), riding his motorcycle, or drinking too much coffee.

Carolyn Sonnek Happiness Rocketeer

Blog: Carolyn Sonnek

Carolyn knows a little bit about front-end development, project management, customer service, and can make a spreadsheet sing. She knows a lot about early 90’s rock bands and obscure JRPG video games. Carolyn has run a half-marathon, finished a sprint triathlon, and got covered head-to-toe in mud completing the Warrior Dash. She can also cook a mean tater tot hotdish. What can’t she do? Square dancing gives her trouble and the act of knitting fills her with a Hulk-like rage.

Richard Spees Happiness Engineer

Blogs: The Sacred Path, Opposable Thumbz

Born and raised in the Rocky Mountain region, Richard has an intense connection to, and love of, nature. He started designing websites in the mid 90s and has spent countless hours helping others in the forums. When not tapping out Happiness on his keyboard and trying not to run afoul of  his desktop security cat, Sidney, he can be found spending time with his loved ones or out backpacking, hiking and doing landscape photography.

Andrew Spittle Happiness Engineer

Blog: Andrew Spittle
Andrew fights his way through an adorable posse of kittens to get to the keyboard and help users blog. He’s a politics graduate from Whitman College with a penchant for reading, learning, and anything outdoors. He dwells in Portland, OR and tries not to miss the California sunshine. If you’re trying to find him in a crowd, we suggest yelling ‘Spiiiittle’.

Derek Springer Code Wrangler

Blog: 12-inch pianist

A Southern California native, Derek has been wrangling code in one form or another since before the millennium. Otherwise, he spends most of his time thinking about family, software development, homebrewing, dachshunds, Internet culture, and gaming. Don’t get him started on opinions about Mexican food.

Jacklyn Stachurski Happiness Engineer

Blog: Jackie Loves

Jacklyn (aka Jackie) has lived in Michigan her whole life with hopes of someday moving to a warmer climate. When she isn’t engineering happiness with the Store Crew, she can be found playing with her puppy, Lucky, running the streets of Sterling Heights training for her next big race, or spending quality time with friends and family. A secret fact about Jackie: She’s a big kid at heart and loves Disney.

Carly Stambaugh Python Wrangler

Carly, a data engineer at Cloudup, loves math, music and delicious food. She lives in San Francisco now, but grew up on the east coast.  When not deep diving into data, she enjoys playing guitar, jewelry design and shoe shopping.

Aleksandr Stankevic Systems Wrangler

Blog: sysmonk
Alex lives in Lithuania. He loves open source and FreeBSD. Alex recently started in Automattic as a Systems Wrangler. When not working, Alex likes to go camping with his wife and friends.

George Stephanis Lead Code Monkey

George Stephanis is a Code Monkey and WordPress Core Contributor based out of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. His obsessions include human readable code, typography, open-source software, letterpress printing, the oxford comma, bread-making, semantic HTML, making lists, and minimalistic markup. He also runs the Lancaster WordPress Meetup group.

Caleb Stephens Remote Controller

Hailing from California.  Caleb started his career at a big CPA firm, but soon realized his entrepreneurial passions meant he was better aligned for high-growth high-tech action.  As our Remote Controller,  he enjoys, well, controlling stuff.  Just don’t push his buttons!  When not making sure our balance sheets balance, you can find him hacking on his latest “big idea,” training for an upcoming triathlon, pwning n00bs in CoD, or scavenging the intertubes for amazing dubstep.

Krista Stevens Protector of the Realm, Planet Apostrophe

Blog: Krista Stevens’ Notebook
Krista has an undying love of all things internet. In her spare time, she loves to read. She is the former editor-in-chief of A List Apart.

Greg Stewart Polygrapher

Blog: blog of greg
Greg was born in upstate New York and transplanted to southeastern Virginia, where he still lives, along with his wife and daughter.  An avid writer, but prolific procrastinator when it comes to publishing, he’s been working with WordPress for years, with more drafts than posts.

Ian Stewart Design Democratizer

Blog: This is Ian Stewart
When he’s not wrangling WordPress themes for Automattic, Ian is more than likely browsing for books, thinking about books, thinking about where to store books, and—when time permits—sometimes reading books. He hails from the infamously cold and windy Winnipeg, Canada, where he lives with his beautiful wife and children.

Damian Suarez Code Wrangler


Damian is really a true programmer / developer by vocation. Despite being born in a distant province of Argentina with no-connection to informatics tech always he found the way to be near of his first loves: computers.
He can remember even today some video games such as jet set willy, camelot warriors, etc, and punctually programming basic language in his TK-90.

Fittingly defined as “The Grinder” Damian continues writing code from his distant place by the river, accompanied by his daughters, wife, dog and cat.

Hew Sutton Digital Pathfinder

Hew lives with his wife and children in his adopted home state of North Carolina. He is an avid music fan and has dreams of being part of a band when he grows up. After being cut in a corporate layoff, Hew doggedly searched to synthesize the work part of his life with his passions and personal beliefs. Enter Automattic: WordPress, technology, music, and engineering happiness. A perfect fit.

Payton Swick Code Wrangler

Payton loves to create. Between writing D&D adventures and writing code, he somehow finds time to do normal things like sleep and eat. To create some balance he is also striving to move more slowly. Tea ceremony and Tai Chi Chuan are now essential parts of each day. He shares northern Vermont with his wife, his dog, and several Linux servers.

Naoko Takano Naoko Takano Globalizer

Blog: Where is Naoko?,
Born and raised in Fukuoka, Japan, Naoko went to school and lived in the US for 13 years before coming back to Tokyo, Japan. A personal blog she started in 2003 somehow led her to publish three WordPress books in Japanese, attend and organize WordCamps, and land a job at Automattic.

JR Tashjian Code Wrangler

JR lives in Upstate New York and loves writing code and solving problems. When not behind the computer he enjoys hiking and camping in the Adirondacks, pretending to be a designer and photographer, and racing around the track on his motorcycle.

Stéphane Thomas Code Wrangler

Stéphane is a full-stack engineer living in the South of France who has been working for startups and multinational companies since 2000. He likes to play with open source software. But unlike most technical people, he also focuses on creative aspects, such as making the user experience easy and memorable. At Automattic, he wrangles code and helps the store team to provide the best shopping experience to users.

Rocco Tripaldi Code Wrangler

I’m a PHP developer from Portland, Maine, with a nasty javascript habit. I’m not a great dancer.

Elizabeth Urello Happiness Scribe

Blog: Accismus
Elizabeth currently lives in Albuquerque with her rabbit, Thomasina. She loves sunshine, travel, sleep, wine, literary fiction, good television, and helping users with their blogs.

Diego Escalante Urrelo Happiness Engineer


A self-taught hacker with a formal training on communication and filmmaking, Diego is a Happy Hacker turned Happiness Engineer.

He devotes his free time to reading long form, doodling charming critters, snapping street photography for his instagram, and making funny films and podcasts with his friends.

He may, or may not, be related to Elizabeth.

Filipe Varela Design Engineer

Blog: mute life *

Born and raised in a small town in Portugal, Filipe wanted to be a crazy scientist since he was a little kid. He then realized being a designer is that and so much more. Crazily obsessed about typography, user experience and tiny details, he loves to travel around and take photos. Also enjoys the occasional donut and cheesecake.

Erica Varlese Happiness Doula

Blog: Greetings From

New Jersey born and bred, Erica engineers happiness from the Garden State with her canine companion, Francis. She graduated from Drew University with a degree in Anthropology and French, which means she often references obscure societies, à la Bones, in casual conversation. In her spare time, Erica is likely reading far too many books at once or defending her home state from yet another reality TV show.

Matías Ventura Engineer & Designer

Blog: Matías’ Journal
Matías wanted to be a painter since his toddler years. In this day and age he splits his time among designing, filmmaking and philosophy. Based in a little country named after a river he began designing and working with WordPress themes many years ago. Now at Automattic he is happy to be the second red pin below the equator on the map. As of note, he began studying latin so he could eventually write his very own “lorem ipsum“.

Bryan Villarin Happiness Engineer

Blog: All Narfed Up
Born and raised in Southern California, Bryan resides in a suburb outside of Pasadena, California. He’s been using WordPress since August 2004, helped as much as he could in the forums, and received a golden ticket to sign up for in 2005. After many moons, Bryan’s dream came true and finally landed a job with Automattic to help people like he always loves to do. Away from WordPress, Bryan takes photos, reads on his Kindle, watches Seinfeld reruns with his girlfriend wife, and occasionally practices card magic when he doesn’t know what to do with his hands.

David Watkis Happiness Jedi

Blog: The Long Focus

Like most New Yorkers, David is a transplant originally from Small Town, USA. Although after 7 years of residing in the city so nice they named it twice, he likes to think of himself as a veteran metropolitan. With a background in theater and several years in the tech and user support worlds, engineering happiness at Automattic was the natural next step. When not supporting the blogosphere, David is typically bragging about his pretentious taste in movies.

Michelle Weber Chief Semicolon Advocate

Blogs: King of States!, Pictures of Things
Michelle wrangles words from Jersey City, New Jersey with editorial assistant Felix, to whom she delegates critical nap- and fart-related tasks. After accumulating a number fancy-pantsed yet impractical degrees, she started blogging and that was that. When not helping WordPress users blog more and better, she’s reading about medieval popes, writing instrumental doom metal, snorgling her assistant, and sneaking more semicolons into support documents. NB; Michelle totally heard that crack you made about New Jersey, and is having none of it.

Min Wei Partnergineer

Min moved to San Francisco from New York City. Although she started off comparing everything to NY, she’s come to love the sunny/foggy weather and is developing a taste for amazing ice cream and delicious coffee. Prior to Automattic, Min dabbled a little bit in coding and software but ended up doing business development for media/internet companies such as Dow Jones and AOL. As part of the VIP team, Min works on partnerships. Min loves to travel, but with a baby girl at home, she’s focused her extra curricular activities on cooking – she hopes to get through Mark Bittman’s book, sans the baking part, some day.

Stu West Chief Festivities Officer (CFO)

Stu spends his time measuring the awesomeness of operations and finance at WordPress. When not working to ensure every chart goes up and to the right, he globetrots to visit the Automattic team, customers, and the WordPress community. See Stu’s bio or his LinkedIn profile.

Peter Westwood The Happiness Blacksmith

Blogs: Westi on WordPress, follow the white rabbit

For a while Peter lived a double life as an embedded developer by day and a WordPress lead developer by night. He then escaped from the 9-5 and switched to working with WordPress full-time. Little does he know we’ll never let him out of our sight again… He loves food, drink, photography, and classic cars but will often be found basking in the glow of a computer screen whilst trying to resolve an obscure bug.

Dave Whitley Designer

Cat Photographer

Matt Wiebe Actually… a Wizard

Blogs: WiebePress,
Known as “Wiebe” around Automattic, Matt hails from sunny (and sometimes cold) Winnipeg, Canada. He got a Liberal Arts degree while accidentally learning to be a web developer by tweaking his WordPress blog. He loves fine beverages (espresso, beer, scotch, and wine), reading, writing, pipe smoking, and good conversation.

Kirk Wight Theme Wrangler


having spent fifteen years in la belle province, Kirk now considers Vancouver, BC to be home. Themes are the name of his game; with his Theme Wrangler cohorts, he works to make all themes the very best they can be. He is very curious, a big dog lover, loves travelling, and often dreams of motorcycles.

Lance Willett Sweeper

Blogs: simpledream, Travel & Outdoor Adventures, Lance on the Go
By day Lance is a web developer and team lead and by night he is Launcelot du Lac, Knight of the Round Table. When unplugged Lance can be found cycling, disc golfing, studying foreign languages and geography, and traveling to new places. Born and raised in México, he can roll a fresh corn tortilla like a pro.

Denise Williams Happiness Engineer, Joy Division

Denise lived on the east coast in Nova Scotia, on the west coast in Santa Barbara, and then settled somewhere in between in Montreal. She started building sites and making magazines to build communities for vanishing independent booksellers and lone lady skateboarders, which led her on up to alt weeklies, international magazines, and luxury brands. But the WordPress community stole her heart back, and now she’s super happy providing Jetpack support and helping build better publishing tools. She has a blog, a Twitter account and a post-hardcore band.

Joel Williams Happiness Engineer


Joel lives in Sunny San Diego™, but is originally from England and is a keen supporter of Liverpool Football Club. He has worked with since 2004 and ran a dotorg consultancy for over six years. He’s an avid home brewer who likes to use his beer as a bribe on regular occasions. Other hobbies include reading, messing with CSS and negotiating with small children, often unsuccessfully.

Steph Yiu Account Engineer

Blog: Denizen
Steph spent 12 years living in Singapore’s American expat bubble, and then moved to the U.S. to attend journalism school at Northwestern University. She grew up in the publishing world by interning at The Boston Globe and working at the Chicago Tribune and America’s Test Kitchen. Steph is happiest when she is making pasta while listening to podcasts, skiing down a mountain, grooving in a dance class or hanging out with her friends in Cambridge, MA.

Xiao Yu Code Wrangler

After an existential crisis and a stint working as an apprentice brewer Xiao realized he rather enjoyed working with bits as long as there was a purpose. He now wrangles data at Automattic in hopes of making the internet a better & more democratic place. He still enjoys brewing beer and attempts to run up mountains in his spare time.

Jenny Zhu Dotcom Protector

Originally from Lodi, CA, Jenny now enjoys all San Francisco has to offer. When she’s not busy dotcom protecting, she’s going on trips with her awesome friends and spending time with family (especially obsessing over her niece, Lily). She also makes feeble attempts at yoga, cooking, hiking, and photography. Loves: food, sun, sleep, dogs, playing devil’s advocate, and all things Cal (GO BEARS!). Dislikes: rain, dark chocolate, and scary movies.

Evan Zimmerman Happiness Engineer


Evan lives with his wife and 2 daughters among the foothills of the Appalachian mountains in North Carolina. He has been by turns a Line Cook, English Major, Ski Instructor, Whitewater Guide, Mortgage Banker, Software Trainer and these days, Happiness Engineer. Evan started using WordPress around 2005 and just … never stopped.

Igor Zinovyev Code Wrangler

Blog: Code Revue

Igor was born in Moscow, Russia and currently lives there with his wife and kids. Software engineering was always his passion, even though he didn’t realize it until the second half of his 20s. Before that from time to time he found himself in strange places like semiconductor physics labs, rock concert stages and ad sales departments. When not wrangling code he juggles toddlers, plays with the cat and throws yawning fits.

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